[52 Week Cosmos] Week 20, 2019

A Weekly Cosmos Ecosystem Update (May 2 — May 14)

May 16, 2019 · 3 min read
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Hello Cosmonauts!

First off, sorry for the delay in rolling out 52 Week Cosmos. Our team has had an extremely hectic yet exciting week launching our first ecosystem tool: Lunagram.

Lunagram is a Cosmos wallet integrated into the Telegram messenger, and you can read all about it right here 👇

Since its launch last week, we’ve received countless feedback from the community, and can’t wait to implement some of those ideas. You can download the application for Android right here.

Now, back to business ✌️



Cosmos @ NY Blockchain Week


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‘Proposal #6: Don’t Burn Deposits for Rejected Governance Proposals Unless Vetoes’ — [PASSED]

With 82.30% of staked Atoms participating in goveranance:

Yes 99.99% / No 0.00% / NoWithVeto 18.17% / Abstain 0.02%


  • Most Cosmos Hub proposals are simply ‘signaling votes’ to measure the token holder’s/validator’s sentiment on a given topic. To incentivize active proposal creations (even contentious ones) yet prevent proposal spam, proposal #6 asks that deposits are only burnt on 33%+ NoWithVeto votes.

Implementation: Discussion in progress

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‘Proposal #7: Activate the Community Pool’ — [VOTING PERIOD]


  • A Cosmos Hub receives 2% of the inflation to be spent for public goods development. Proposal #7 suggests a new proposal type to be used for community pool spending decisions.


  • IBC Weekly Calls #3 and #4


Binance Chain

Iris Network

Regen Network



  • Sentinel Network crosses 55TB of bandwidth consumed

Did we miss anything? If you’re building on Cosmos/Tendermint/Cosmos-sdk, we’d love to feature your projects’ updates in the next 52 Week Cosmos. Feel free to reach out to us via email (atlas@lunamint.com) or tweet us.

Lunamint ATLAS

Guide to the CØSMOS Ecosystem

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