[52 Week Cosmos] Week #42, 2018

Oct 23, 2018 · 3 min read

October 15–October 21, 2018

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Ecosystem Projects

  • IRIS Network

Check out the latest release of IRIS Hub along with some bug fixes!

Joining the Game of Genesis

  • Sentinel

Sentinel official announcements Telegram Channel

  • Playlist

Download the Playlist app on the App Store

  • Kuende

Kuende ICO — Public Sale Structure & Details

Kuende ICO — Public Sale Security & Communication Guidelines

  • FOAM

FOAM Map Developer Update #2

  • Cosmic Bridge

Cosmic Bridge: An Experimental Cosmos-Powered Scalability Layer For Bitcoin by Itamar Rogel

  • Memecom

Trade and collect memes on the blockchain

  • OpenST Mosaic

OpenST Mosaic Paper Released for Community Review


  • <Game of Stakes>

Submission deadline is October 22. Hurry up!

Zaki started approving GoS entries!

Any validator can lower other validators reward at no cost

265 submissions so far for the Game of Stakes!

  • <General>

[ANN] Tendermint KMS v0.0.1 Preview Release with initial YubiHSM2 support

Cosmos validator top 100 ranking by missed blocks and uptime

List of Comos Hub validator candidates

Questions regarding “Instance Store SSD” and “EBS SSD”

  • Certus One

JANUS: Handling multiple validator setups with double signing protection

  • Chorus One

Proof-of-Stake Ecosystem 101: How does PoS work?

Staking Economy’s 6th issue released by Felix Lutsch

  • Mythos Capital

Ryan Sean Adams’s tweet on “Digital value use cases”

  • Forbole

Big Dipper — Lead you the way to explore the Cosmos

  • Dokia Capital

Dokia’s Interstellar Cruiser was down for maintenance

  • Bliss Dynamics

Validator node down in Gaia-8001 is down to prepare for GoS



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