[52 Week Cosmos] Week #48, 2018

Dec 4, 2018 · 3 min read

November 26–December 2, 2018

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Ecosystem Projects

  • IRIS Network

How To Join IRISnet Testnet : Fuxi-5000

Harriet Cao at BUIDL 2018 talking about Interchain Service Infrastructure

— IRISnet explorer ‘IRISplorer

  • Sentinel

SWIXER coming soon on Tendermint

  • Kuende

The Kuende Challenges & The Kuende Tokens Have Arrived!

  • Monax

The Beginning of the Journey — Company Templates: what they do and why using Monax makes them more powerful

  • Loom

Crypto Open Source Ecosystem 1.0

  • TruStory

What’s the best analogy to describe Trustory?

  • Forbole App

The first step of building your network of referrals


  • <Game of Stakes>

Game of Stakes release blockers

Options for the GoS start : Decentralized Start vs Pre-announced genesis.json upload time. Seems like those two are going together!

Game of Stakes Rules(DRAFT) on Github

New Game of Stakes updates by Zaki

— Check R4R: Inflation bug fixes #2982 which fixes #2967

  • <General>

Launching the Gaia-9002 at BUIDL Seoul 2018 afterparty

(validators launched it before the party so was more like a celebration party)

Cosmos Meetup: Ready Validator One was a success!

Special thanks to bitfish for organizing the meetup
  • Lunamint

Cosmos community stickers! More coming soon

Cosmos Korea BUIDL 2018 Afterparty hosted by Lunamint

  • Chorus One

The Top 5 Projects Building on Cosmos

Staking Economy’s 9th issue released by Felix Lutsch

  • bitfish

First ever bitfish Korea meetup : Cosmos Validator meetup at Seoul

bitfish leaps into Cosmos with Game of Stakes

  • Cryptium Labs

— Cryptium Labs co-founder, Awa Sun Yin, spoke at BUIDL 2018

Gaia-9002 released!

  • Forbole Validator

Seoul Gelato and the Hyperbolic Time Chamber of Cosmos

BUIDL Seoul 2018 — Forbole

  • Wetez

Classification After POS 3.0, Let’s talk About Cosmos’ Bond-PoS



Ladies, if he:

— doesn’t like to cheat

— likes to listen to your gossip

— pays everyone on time

— likes bondage and slashing

He’s not your man, he’s Cosmos Validator” by Cosmos Validator WG

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