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Introducing LunarCRUSH Alerts

Crypto markets move incredibly fast. We’re all trying to keep up with what’s going on with our favorite crypto projects and investments in a world that never sleeps and continually accelerates. And on top of all the market metrics you’re already following, when you add trying to make sense of tracking social activity, the task of keeping up becomes increasingly more difficult.

LunarCRUSH wants to make staying on top of your crypto investments and watchlists a whole lot easier. We’re happy to announce version 1.0 of LunarCRUSH Alerts. These are not the typical automated price alerts you may be used to from many of your favorite exchanges and other services. LunarCRUSH Alerts combine real-time social and market metrics to give you an entirely new dimension on looking at crypto markets. And best of all, they’re completely configurable, to precisely inform you of what matters to you most!

Did we mention you can optimize alerts based on historical price performance? How about combining multiple social metrics for a very specific type of alert? And did you know that LunarCRUSH Alerts are completely free with a LunarCRUSH account (also free!)? Here’s a few of the many amazing things you can do right now with LunarCRUSH Alerts

Create an alert out of any LunarCRUSH social or market metrics as well as key metrics such as Galaxy Score™ and AltRank™! These are the same metrics you see across but now instead of having to spend time uncovering when activity occurs, the alerts will automatically come to you.

Continually optimize alerts based on historical market performance. See where the alerts would have triggered and what type of return would have happened in a hypothetical trade.

Combine multiple social and/or market metrics to get very specific alerts on one or multiple coins. There is no end to the infinite possibilities of combining metrics. Every metric you set will be unique to your own settings.

Get alerts for multiple coins across your portfolio or any coins of interest. You can set alerts on any of the thousands of coins on, either individually or across multiple coins at the same time.

Get alerted across multiple channels including Telegram, SMS, and email. Many more channels will be added in the future, some of which are already in development.

Now let’s put it all together. Let’s see what creating your first alert looks like!

This is only the start for LunarCRUSH Alerts. We’re already working on future additions that will provide even greater value and keep you up to speed on the crypto market.


🌎🔥🚀🌕 Your LunarCRUSH Team



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