LunarCrush Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 are now simply: Basic and Pro!

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3 min readFeb 23, 2023


Since we replatformed, redesigned, and launched LunarCrush over a year and a half ago, we have thought deeply about simplicity and openness. We host the largest collection of crypto analytics available in the industry. We track over 4000+ cryptocurrencies, thousands of stocks, and hundreds of various NFT projects. We ingest BILLIONS of data points and distill them down to bring investors clarified and actionable insights.

Through our journey, we have worked without end to be the best resource for investors trying to gain an edge on the market. We have added new features, such as Trading, Live Dashboard, Real-Time Back-Tested Insights, and more, and we have grown the community from every corner of the globe. Throughout all of this, we have utilized Lunr to give access to everything LunarCrush has to offer.

Lunr has provided our community the ability to access varying levels of data depending on how much they hold. For example, 2-year time frames of data were only available to those who held 100 Lunr, real-time dashboards were only available to those who held 2,000 Lunr, and the list goes on. As we went through this year, the community reevaluated everything. We engaged deeply about how we can get more of our analytics into everyone’s hands and help democratize our data better. After engaging with all your tweets and thousands of discussions across Discord, we decided to open it up for all.

Welcome to a simpler LunarCrush. With our new open system, gone are the various levels and limited data — we are opening it all up. What does this mean? It means instead of having 5 levels with all sorts of specifics around what you get at each level, we have 2 simple ways to use LunarCrush: Basic and Pro. Let’s dive in:


Basic users have access to all our data. The world class analytics you’ve come to expect from LunarCrush. That means real-time dashboards, full timeframe access, real-time pricing, all our metrics across cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and stocks, and more.

The benefit of Basic is in your personalization. As a free user you can connect all your wallets and see your entire portfolio, trade off metrics and analytics you find across the site, and customize your real-time dashboard so you see what you want, when you want. Customization is key to a great LunarCrush experience and now with an open LunarCrush you can see it all.

LunarCrush Pro

So why Pro? Well, Pro is where things start to get interesting. Pro users have access to Insights. Advanced Insights is the key to finding your next greatest opportunity. We highlight outliers, anomalies, and more so you can take the search out of research and quickly take action on something that is completely unique. No longer trade just off price, easily trade off conversation. Insights is what might take your trading game from good to great.

In order to become Pro all you need to do is hold 2,000 Lunr in any connected account — Ethereum, Polygon, BNB Chain, Zilliqa, or Proton Chain Lunr holders who were already level 5 and holding 2,000 Lunr are now Pro — nothing more is needed. If you are interested in becoming Pro, upgrade today.

Lunr’s tokenomics and distribution also gets simpler. Like really simple. You are rewarded for what you hold, that’s it. All Lunr token holders who hold more than 2,000 Lunr receive 5% APY for the Lunr they hold, anywhere they hold. You can find more information about the new tokenomics here.

Welcome to a new and improved LunarCrush.