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Hello, Cryptonauts!

As Moonwell Governance has now been made the administrator of both Moonwell Apollo and Moonwell Artemis, it’s vitally important that the community is educated on the ins and outs of governance. The structure and tools are now in place for you, our dear community members, to enact changes to the Moonwell protocol.

With this in mind, we are starting a new “Moonwell Governance 101” educational series. Here we will outline where governance takes place, how to get started, and what you can do to positively impact Moonwell.

The Moonwell Governance 101 series will be broken into four parts:

  • Getting Started: What Happens Where
  • Delegation: Activate Your Voting Power
  • Governance Voting: Majority Rules
  • Governance Proposals: Idea to Execution

Getting Started: What Happens Where

To start off this Moonwell Governance 101 series, we will give a top-down overview of “what happens where”. For those new to Moonwell Governance, you may be unaware that there are different types of voting and places where it occurs, as well as multiple locations for other governance-related activities and information. Don’t worry, we will break it all down for you below!

Moonwell Governance Forum

The Moonwell Governance Forum is the main hub of governance-related discourse. It’s where community members can share their ideas, give feedback to others, find a delegate that aligns with their interests, and more.

Maintaining and developing Moonwell is a collective effort, which is why governance proposals should generally begin with a post on the Governance Forum. This provides a space and opportunity for the community to come together and help improve a proposal before it’s voted on and potentially executed.

Moonwell Governance Forum

The Governance Forum is also an ideal entry point for those new to Moonwell Governance, as registration is the only requirement to participate. All Moonwell community members are encouraged to share their ideas and add to ongoing discussions, regardless of if they possess delegated governance tokens.

To delegate one’s MFAM or WELL tokens means to activate their inherent voting power. This is a prerequisite for voting and proposal creation in Moonwell Governance. Learn more here.

Moonwell Snapshot Portals

For proposals that will result in substantial changes to the Moonwell protocol, a proposal author may choose to first create a snapshot signaling vote to gauge community interest. Though these snapshot proposals do not have the ability to directly change the protocol, they are a valuable tool in the Moonwell Governance arsenal as they are an efficient means to poll community sentiment and further refine original proposal ideas.

Moonwell Artemis Snapshot Portal

Moonwell Apollo and Moonwell Artemis each have their own separate snapshot voting portals. To participate in snapshot voting and proposal creation, you will need delegated MFAM (Apollo) or WELL (Artemis) governance tokens.

Moonwell Governance Portal

The Moonwell Governance Portal is where on-chain voting takes place. On-chain governance proposals, otherwise known as Moonwell Improvement Proposals or MIPs, possess both a description and code that is executed on either the Moonbeam (Artemis) or Moonriver (Apollo) networks following their passage. In layman’s terms, these proposals have the ability to change the Moonwell protocol.

Governance Portal Landing Page

Upon arriving at the Moonwell Governance Portal, you will have the option to select either “Apollo Governance” or “Artemis Governance”. This functions similarly to how you would access the Moonwell Apollo and Artemis applications from the landing page.

Upon selecting either Apollo or Artemis, you will then be able to view both current and previously executed Moonwell Improvement Proposals. You’ll also find direct links to the Governance Forum, Snapshot Portals, and Moonwell dApps.

Delegation Modal

To participate in on-chain voting and proposal creation from the Gov Portal, you will need delegated MFAM or WELL tokens. You can view your “voting power” and delegate your tokens by clicking the wallet button in the top right-hand corner of the page.

Moonwell’s Galxe Space

Governance NFTs have been created to recognize and commend those who have taken the time and effort to vote upon Moonwell governance proposals. These NFTs are Moonbeam native ERC-721s and are hosted on Moonwell’s Galxe Space. To mint, simply connect your voting wallet to Galxe and verify your credentials!

Mint Yours Today!

Moonwell Discord

The Moonwell Discord is the heart of the Moonwell community and is a great place to have your questions answered and stay informed. It also serves as an alternate platform for governance-related discussion.

Moonwell Governance Channels in Discord

The Moonwell Governance category includes four channels:

  • #Governance — This channel is where updates and announcements will be made. It’s also a space for general governance discussion and questions.
  • #Proposals — This channel is for proposal discussion. Whenever a new proposal is submitted to the Governance Forum, a bot will post a link to the proposal in this channel.
  • #Voting — Voting information will be made available in this channel. If you’re wanting to know if there are active proposals to vote on, you can always check here.
  • #Resources — This channel has links to governance documentation, blog posts (like this one), and knowledge base articles.

Education and Updates

The Moonwell Docs contain a Governance section that covers everything you need to know about delegating, the proposal process, voting, governance parameters, and more.

Be sure to also follow Lunar Technology Foundation on Twitter for the latest Moonwell Governance updates and announcements!

Quick Links

Voting: Moonwell Governance Portal, Moonwell Apollo Snapshot Portal, Moonwell Artemis Snapshot Portal
Discussion: Moonwell Governance Forum, Moonwell Discord
Education: Moonwell Governance Docs, Lunar Technology Foundation Medium
Announcements and Updates: Moonwell Discord, Lunar Technology Foundation Twitter
Governance NFTs: Moonwell’s GALXE Space

About Moonwell

Moonwell is an open lending and borrowing DeFi protocol built on Moonbeam and Moonriver. Moonwell is supported by the Lunar Technology Foundation, which is responsible for fostering the development of the Moonwell protocol and its ecosystem.

Main website | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | Documentation | Gov Portal



Lunar Technology Foundation

The Lunar Technology Foundation is responsible for fostering the development of the @MoonwellDeFi protocol and its ecosystem

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