Why is enterprise mobility the next big thing?

Enterprise Mobility

The upsurge in the number of mobile phone users is quite apparent worldwide. As each day passes, the download and usage of mobile apps is witnessing an upward curve. From a consumer perspective these trends are much visible in the everyday scenario, as we book a taxi or order a meal! The rise in mobile devices and the notion of mobility can’t be overlooked from an enterprise perspective as well. It is predicted that in the coming age more and more people would be dependent on the mobile phone and its usage to get the work done. The employees desire to be empowered to work from wherever they wish to. Don’t they?

Mobility isn’t only about the workforce being mobile or carrying mobile devices, it is the forward looking vision where the company data is mobile i.e. accessible from any mobile computer, anywhere! The result of deploying an enterprise mobility solution would be an increase in employee productivity as transparency plays a key role post implementation of such business solutions. The turnaround time and cost associated with the business process can also be brought down to a huge extent.

CIOs of major corporate giants have confessed that their next big investment is on enterprise mobility as they can’t simply do away with it in a mobile world. When the data is on a cloud it is accessible and resourceful in a way it was never before. Security does pose a major challenge but if you happen to choose the right partner for your enterprise mobility needs, it isn’t a big issue. Although the urgency of implementation depends on the kind of industry your company is operational into, sooner or later, mobility as a technological innovation will have to be incorporated across all the companies.

Logistics and supply chain industry needs to empower their employees with the gift of mobility on a priority basis as a major part of their workforce is on the field. Enterprise mobility solution suite encompasses a SaaS based solution to be integrated as an app on android enabled industrial grade rugged mobile phones. Since SaaS based solutions are available on a subscription basis model, unlike traditional software, it does not incur the company a huge capital expenditure to install the software in the first place. The mobile computers do look like a serious investment to make but the benefits it will accrue in the long run outweigh the initial overlay of cash.

Companies across the world are becoming smarter by using mobile computers to do business. It is time to rethink about the mobility needs of your company.

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