5 Great Record Stores in Amsterdam

While our entire lives seem to be going digital, vinyl record sales have curiously been increasing steadily over the last 10 years. Some people claim the sound is simply better on vinyl, or it’s just the way music was meant to be played. Others enjoy having a big collection of records on display. For many, it has once again become one of life’s little pleasures to pull a record off the shelf, blow the dust off and drop the needle.

Without a doubt, the best part of listening to vinyl is spending hours in amazing record shops. From bargain bins to exclusive releases, it is easy to get lost in the endless crates of a good record shop. Whether you’re a veteran crate digger or just starting out as a record enthusiast, Amsterdam has some amazing stores for you.

Waxwell Records

Gasthuismolensteeg 8
Negen Straatjes, Amsterdam

Diggers Factory // Pinterest.com

Don’t be fooled by the smaller size of this record store, the collection is surprisingly expansive. Right in the center of the busy shopping district Negen Straatjes (the Nine Streets), Waxwell is an essential shop for record lovers. More popular records are stored in the usual crates with lots of labels for easy searching, but under each crate there are shelves of much cheaper unsorted records, which might just contain that precious gem you didn’t know you were looking for.


Utrechtsestraat 52–60
Centrum, Amsterdam

Vinyl and Beer Maniac // Pinterest.com

Spanning across five buildings on the busy Utrechtsestraat, this record store is absolutely massive. It’s easy to spend hours upon hours browsing through Concerto, especially considering they have their own little café inside. Their massive record collection serves any music fan in Amsterdam, from new hip-hop to classical music.

Second Life Music

Prinsengracht 366
Canal District, Amsterdam

Zoltan // Zoilblaze.de

Second Life is a great record store to just browse around without any specific goal. This store stocks whatever they can find from just about any genre. It’s always a pleasure to squeeze through the aisles and dig around through obscure Caribbean sounds only to turn around and dip your fingers into a whole crate of Louis Armstrong records. Second Life also sell lots of concert posters and album art so be sure to stop by if you need something up on your walls to go along with your record collection.

Distortion Records

Westerstraat 244
Jordaan, Amsterdam


Distortion is probably one of the messiest record stores in Amsterdam, but don’t let that scare you away. Let’s be honest, it actually makes the experience of digging through this expansive collection a little more enjoyable anyway. You can find almost any type of music here if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves. This collection specialises in independent and innovative music from just about all genres and spans from bargains to collector’s items.

Rush Hour Records

Spuistraat 116
Centrum, Amsterdam

SoLil // Discogs.com

This shop is definitely one of the more high-end record stores of Amsterdam and it’s the place to go if you’re looking for some amazing, obscure sounds spanning the Jazz/Soul/Disco/House spectrum. Besides being one of the more beautiful stores in Amsterdam, Rush Hour also releases and distributes music through Rush Hour Records. The shop has become a central hub for record fans in Amsterdam and frequently hosts events.

These five shops are only a small selection of all the amazing record stores Amsterdam has to offer, but they’re definitely a great place to start to digging.