Angelina’s makes me jolie ❤️

ANGELINA’S — BBQ Chicken Wrap — 4/5

Portion Size: 2.5/5 . Taste: 4/5 . Value for money: 3/5 . Quality of ingredients . 5/5

There’s nothing like an unknown quantity to get the heart racing. As promised in yesterday’s blog, I wanted to get something vaguely meaty, vaguely sandwich-y and very definitely dirty for lunch today. Angelina’s was new and unexplored terrain, so I leapt in for a taste.

I was going to go big with the beef sandwich, but ahead of a goodbye dinner being cooked for me tonight, I thought I’d temper myself. “Cat, be reasonable. Do you need a beef sub? Really? Wouldn’t BBQ chicken be slightly more moderate, and equally as delicious?” I then saw a wrap option was available and immediately dismissed any worries about Monterey jack cheese, sour cream cheese, bbq sauce on rotisserie chicken being unhealthy. Wraps are healthy right? (Are they?)

As lunchtime rolled around, I didn’t find myself especially hungry. I wasn’t overwhelmed with the size of this wrap, but you know yourself, sometimes you can’t judge size on first look. It was also wrapped in foil, which boded well. We all know that juicy, warm and saucy things come in foil, so my spirits and saliva glands were lifted.

It wasn’t a big wrap, but it was BIG on flavour. The chicken was the best chicken I’ve tasted in any lunch so far. It had clearly been cooked to spec, with attention to marinades and dry rubs. It also had the proper texture of chicken, not the uniformly shaped and plastic-feeling processed chicken that pervades most takeaway lunches.

The BBQ juice oozed on my hands with every mouthful. This was real BBQ, again, not the overly sweetened stuff that haunts so many BBQ-flavoured menu items. DELICIOUS.

I would definitely recommend this filling, but get it in the baguette, rather than the wrap. It would be glorious on French white bread, good Lord. And, as it turned out, my dinner got cancelled for tonight, so I will be dreaming of that missed baguette opportunity tonight.

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