Chick chick chick chicken, lay a little sauce on me

BROTHER HUBBARD — Pulled Chicken Sandwich — 2.5/5

Quality of ingredients: 3.5/5 . Value for money: 2.5/5 . Taste: 2.5/5 . Portion size: 4/5

Start the week as you intend to go on! For me, this means eating well. Some might say, eating too well (but I don’t listen to those people).

Today, I opted for the pulled chicken sandwich from Brother Hubbard. How does one “pull a chicken”? Initially, when people started pulling pork, I could get behind it. Indeed, in the nightclubs of the DUP-stronghold of Belfast, people pulled pork, or variants thereof, on the reg. But then pulled everything started showing up on all menus, and I grew increasingly confused. Is pulled meat just cooked extensively then pulled apart like hoisin duck for Chinese pancakes? Either way, I felt that it was unlikely to be the processed garbage that keeps sneaking into lots of my lunch orders, so I went for it. Pulled chicken. More specifically, turmeric & lemon pulled chicken, with green tahini, pickled carrots & spinach on a white ciabatta.

I’ll level with you now, guys. When I unwrapped this sandwich I did suspect that the bread to filling ratio was off. The ciabatta was a whopper. Do people actually eat ciabattas when they aren’t toasted? I know previously I have eaten the beef brisket ciabatta from Brother Hubbard, but… a ciabatta is too much. Really, in the sandwich bar, ciabatta is the one drink too many where the sandwich-maker-cum-bartender leans over to you and says, “Look Cat, I think you’ve had enough for tonight.” (But then you slam your hand on the deli-bar and slurrily shout back, “I’LL TELL YOU WHEN I’VE HAD ENOUGH, PHILLIP!”)

The weird-ass colours of this sandwich intrigued me, but promised a saucy and potentially synthetic (but I can cope with that) filling. Again, I urge you to check the picture- she looks saucy alright. But, truth be told, with the Great-Bread-Sponge-That-Is-Ciabatta hugging her, it was pretty dry. Also, I’ll put it out there — a slaw or shredded carrot is ok, but I do like a leaf in my sandwich. If we’re getting into specifics, a rocket leaf adds pepper, a cos or baby gem leaf adds crunch and kale or spinach adds smugness for health value. If there was spinach in this sandwich, I couldn’t see it.

That said, I ate it, I was not displeased, and I was satisfied. You won’t go wrong with this sandwich, but you could go much more RIGHT.

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