The Sandwich of Dreams (And A Serviceable Salad)

WILDE & GREEN’S — Blackened chicken salad with cous cous and rocket, with a pesto dressing — 4/5

Scruffy shoes model’s own

Quality of ingredients: 4/5 . Taste: 4/5 . Value for money: 5/5 . Portion size: 4/5

I had a Wilde and Green’s salad on my first day at Web Summit. I had come to work without eating breakfast (so not on-brand for me) and by the time I was eating it, my hands were trembling from hunger. I was aware I was eating like a fevered wolf, and so somehow, since then, I’ve steered away from Wilde and Green’s. I categorised them as boring, bland and safe.

But today, I realised they hadn’t yet been featured on the blog, so I replicated my first ever lunch. A blackened chicken (note: doesn’t look that blackened, does it?) salad with cous cous, pesto and rocket. Simple, tasty, healthy. Job done.

As I sat down to eat it though, I felt a gravitational pull grab me. My attention, which I thought was my own to control, apparently wasn’t. It was elsewhere. I followed it and saw Rob Macken. He walked over and sat beside me with what can only be described as the most picture-perfect hangover-cure sandwich I have ever seen. A sandwich, the likes of which I’d never before seen. A sandwich which blew everyone else’s lunch out of the water.

People were literally walking past, and cutting in over heads to eagerly ask, “Yo, Rob. Where did you get that?!”

So what am I doing, talking about my perfectly pleasant salad from Wilde and Green’s? I actually can’t justify another second wasted on my lunch. Let’s move to the main event.

The Dream Sandwich: An Aside With Rob

Can we take a look at this incredible breakfast sandwich, which our very own Rob Macken ordered today from Check-22. This sandwich, this beauty, this veritable saucepot, is flirting with you from behind the lens, no? The texture, the contrast, the colours, the composition. Perfectly aligned, like the stars above our very heads. Four sausages, two eggs, four rashers of bacon. It would be a little too much for me, but I cannot deny, she’s a looker.

Let’s hear what Rob had to say about his sandwich.

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