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Announcing Lunie’s First Mainnet Integration — The e-Money Network

We are thrilled to announce that Lunie has launched our mainnet e-Money network staking interface. e-Money is the first mainnet Lunie has integrated after our initial launch with the Cosmos Network. We have been working closely with the e-Money team throughout their testnet iterations leading up to their mainnet launch and are excited to provide a clean, easy to understand interface for e-Money NGM staking.

Starting today with e-Money you can:

  • Stake NGM.
  • Interact with multi-denominational currency-backed token rewards.
  • View the balance of NGM (New Generation of Money) staked, available for use and available to claim.
  • View specific denominations of the fiat-backed crypto assets in available and claim-able balances.
  • Access all functionality available on Lunie web, mobile(iOS, Android) or our. Ledger hardware wallet options.

About e-Money

The e-Money system allows for the creation of 1:1 currency-backed tokens as staking rewards for the NGM (New Generation of Money) token holders. e-Money issues their reward tokens in several denominations of major international currencies. These currency-backed tokens represent a portion of the reserve of actual fiat currency held by e-Money.

Want to know more about how to stake on the e-Money system with Lunie? Check our our staking guide here!

Want to get sneak peaks of what else we’ve got coming? Connect with us:



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