Lunyr Dev Update — October 19, 2017 — Portfolio Page for Writers

This week we pushed out a major update that optimizes the user experience of submitting transactions. Transactions now no longer get stuck in pending state or take days to register. Thanks to the Metropolis update on block times, transactions now occur significantly faster. Overall, this performance upgrade will bring the Lunyr platform one step closer to a mainstream audience.

Portfolio Page for Writers

The Portfolio design is getting closer to ready. It still needs a couple changes, but the core concept is complete. Writers will have a portfolio page where they can provide information about themselves and show off selected works to potential hiring managers. A separate section will display the writer’s full article creation and edit history.

Advertising system

The advertising contracts have successfully passed a barrage of tests. We are now continuing to develop the workflow and front end. The auction system will be modular, easy-to-use, and transparent. Bots can’t be used to game the system. Our simulations demonstrated that our auction system should result in fairness. Advertisers will get an amount of ad time proportional to the amount of LUN they bid. The advertising system is expected to be deployed in November.

Dev Updates


  • Major performance update
  • Fixed bugs with articles not showing up
  • Successfully navigated Byzantium Hard Fork
  • Ported API — higher performance, more maintainability (Almost done)
  • Advertising contracts tested for correctness and fairness, many bugs fixed


  • More up-to-date transaction logs
  • Fixed bug with users voting on articles no longer in review

For any questions or feedback please post on

Users interested in joining the Private Alpha can signup here. Invited testers will receive an email with further instructions.

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