Lunyr Dev Update — Orbiter has been updated! Download Now

Welcome everybody to another Lunyr update! We’re excited to announce that the Advertising System and Peer Review systems have successfully been added to Orbiter. Moving forward, all updates will be performed on the fully decentralized Electron dapp. See below for all updates.


  • Advertising system added
  • Peer review system added
  • Full Auto-Synchronization to Ethereum blockchain with progress bar
  • Increased retries for chain when dealing with slow connections
  • Added ability to start and stop blockchain sync manually
  • Added toggle in header menu for stop/sync functionality
  • Manual sync to the chain kills daemons running so there will be no issues from previous runs
  • Added a check for wallets

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Transaction bug in ad send
  • Now shows proper switch accounts link
  • Fixed issues with wallet and address loading
  • Fixed menus display for different screens