Arnold Pham
Mar 9, 2018 · 3 min read

Welcome all to another Lunyr Update! We’re very pleased to announce that we have a barrage of updates this week.

Reimbursement Status Now Live

Reimbursement status is now available in the Transactions History. Reimbursements will be marked “Pending.” Upon completion, they’ll be marked “Complete.”

Content Loading is now 15x faster than before

We improved the backend so that querying the content is now 15x faster than before. The article query time used to be ~3 seconds and has gone down to ~100–200 ms.

All UI Screens have been refined

One of our main goals for this week have been to improve the user experience. The following redesign updates have occurred:

Article Peer Review

  • Users are now able to see the current state of an article review or the concluded outcome

Article Edit Page

  • Added a focused header bar that shows users the actions they can do for the drafted article

Article Submissions

  • Now show proper CBN and HNR rewards
  • Review summary has been updated so writers can view peer review evaluation and feedback


  • Added a confirmation page to indicate to a user they have completed something successfully as well as still providing the transaction hash to look up in
  • Draft Autosave Feature now shows the Timestamp

Article View Page

  • Contributors are highlighted at the top of the article rather than at the bottom

Mobile Development Progress

We have started work on web app mobile responsiveness as well as looking into the infrastructure to support our react native development around the ios/android apps.

SEO Upgrade

Contrary to our assumptions, a vast number of articles have not been searchable on Google. We have found the root cause and have been implementing server side rendering to make content indexable by Google. All articles should start appearing on Google after completion of server side rendering.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the create ad page that was not calculating the max possible bid that could be made. Fixed the bid restriction of integers only and made sure we can input proper float values for bids.

That’s all for this weeks update! Expect more exciting updates coming soon!

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A decentralized world knowledge base on Ethereum

Arnold Pham

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Cofounder and CEO at Lunyr



A decentralized world knowledge base on Ethereum

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