Lunyr Dev Update — Release on all mainstream platforms coming soon

Arnold Pham
Mar 23, 2018 · 3 min read

Hi everyone! Welcome to another Lunyr update. We’re proud to share our progress for the past couple weeks!

Desktop Dapp releasing on March 26, 2018

We will be broadening our audience soon through the release of a Lunyr desktop dapp for Mac. The Lunyr Windows dapp will be released shortly afterward. The first version of the desktop versions will require some testing so we’re looking for beta testers who can help provide feedback and hunt for bugs.

Iphone and Android app coming soon

After the release of the Desktop dapps, we plan on releasing Lunyr on Iphone and Android. The expected timeline for release is 2–3 months.

Writing Manual releasing April 4, 2018

One of our goals to improve the quality of articles on Lunyr platform will be to establish best practices and standards. We will be releasing a writing manual on April 4, 2018. Writers and peer reviewers will soon have a reference to follow while evaluating articles. The overall article and peer review quality should improve afterward.

Writing Course and Exam

Writers will soon be required to demonstrate an acceptable level of competence for writing and peer reviewing before they’re allowed to publish and peer review content. We will be releasing a course and exam. These requirements should drastically improve the article quality.

2x faster performance!

We’ve dramatically cut our bundle size so that the initial load of our dapp at least 2x faster. There should be a significantly noticeable improvement in the load speed of all pages and content on the Lunyr platform.


We are now fully up-to-date with all reimbursements up until March 16th. Reimbursements will be sent out every Friday-Saturday.

Other Updates


  • Event handler rewrite. It can now recreate the entire blockchain state from scratch. (In progress)
  • New router contract deployed which is used for contract address lookup and decentralization (In progress)


  • Deployed server side rendering for SEO. Lunyr articles will be more easily searchable now on Google
  • Desktop electron app (In progress)
  • Mobile design upgrade (In progress)
  • Updated terminology for CBN to CP and HNR to HP
  • Updated terminology for LUN Pool to Reward Pool
  • Added infinite scrolling to the feed page so you can view articles and vote history as you scroll down
  • Added error handling to detect when a user was pointing at the wrong blockchain network
  • Added the ability to view your ethereum address while paying for transactions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed false positives in plagiarism detection
  • Fixed editor issues that were preventing writing
  • Improved load time by 2x (decreased bundle size by 2x)

That’s all for this weeks update! Expect more exciting updates coming soon!

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