Lunyr Roadmap for 2018

Welcome to another update! Today we’ll be discussing the roadmap for 2018.

Interstellar introduces the advertising and reward system, completing the workflow for writers, readers, and advertisers. Advertisers will be able to spend LUN to advertise on the platform. Writers will be able to earn Contribution (CBN) points, but LUN withdrawals will be time-locked for four months after the Interstellar release. We decided to time-lock the LUN withdrawals because the Peer Review and Reward Systems are still in primitive form, and need time to be polished. Interstellar introduces multi-language support for Korean, Chinese, Russian, German, and Japanese. The Lunyr community is global and more languages will be supported in the future.

In the Nebula release, all components of the system will be in polished form. During the Nebula stage, our focus will be on building a strong community of writers and generating high quality content.

Afterward, the Starlight release will occur. The primary goal of Starlight is to drive readers onto the platform. By this stage, we should already have an active community of writers and a huge repository of useful articles. The Starlight phase will focus on improving the mobile and desktop experience for readers through the creation of native mobile and desktop dapps. SEO is also extremely important, so we will be upgrading the system for even greater searchability of Lunyr articles on the web.

In Galaxy, a lot of quality of life upgrades will occur to make Lunyr more easily adopted by non-blockchain audiences.

Users interested in joining the Private Alpha can signup here. Invited testers will receive an email with further instructions.

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