Managing Your LUN in Mist

In Mist, select CONTRACTS as shown in the red box below.

Under CONTRACTS, scroll down to the bottom. Click on WATCH TOKEN.

An ADD TOKEN window will pop up.

Under TOKEN CONTRACT ADDRESS, input: 0xfa05A73FfE78ef8f1a739473e462c54bae6567D9

The rest of the fields will be automatically populated as seen below.

Click OK to continue.

You will see your LUN balance under LUNYR TOKEN. Click SEND on top.

In the “Send funds” window

  • Select the FROM address that holds LUN you want to transfer from
  • Input the TO address that you want to transfer LUN to
  • Input the AMOUNT of LUN you want to transfer
  • Make sure to select “Lunyr Token” as shown in the red box below
  • Select FEE and make sure you have enough ETH to pay for it. In the screenshot below, the FEE is 0.00075228 and the ETH balance is 0.003 ETH, which is sufficient.

Scroll down to click SEND. The Execute Contract window will pop up. Enter password for the FROM account, then click SEND TRANSACTION.

And you’re done!

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