Today we are entering the next stage of our startup journey!

This is it, our first delivered product and the only picture that remains of it.
Today we sent our very first electronic board powered by Luos! It is one of those days that makes building a startup a unique journey, all your emotions are so mixed that you do not even know how to feel.

First, you feel stressed because you are not ready at all. You do not even know how you can get paid nor what taxes apply and you totally forget the packaging! Then you kind of feel ashamed of the product you are going to ship. It is so far away from what you want to reach, there is not even a fraction of the value you want to provide. Finally, you are still proud because after months of hard work your product will finally be used by someone, somewhere, and that’s amazing!

Even if it’s the smallest step possible, it’s a step toward achieving our long term vision.

We all have our own way to progress. Ours aim for small steps as fast as possible!

Luos is a very ambitious project (some would say crazy project for a small company) that requires expertise across all domains of robotics. It’s — an operating system, a robot engine, a bunch of well written libraries with elegant APIs — choose the one that speaks to you the most. But let’s forget naming for a while to focus only on the value we want to deliver:

Luos aims to provide a full-stack-architecture to power your robotic product, from very low level electronic drivers to high-level AI. We want to make it a game changer in the industry, that will empower more people and more companies into using robotics to solve daily problems.
And it’s fully written in Rust to ensure extreme reliability and modular development.

Last week, we decided we have reached a sufficiently advanced state in the development of Luos to release it open source. “Sufficiently advanced state” means actually that the basic architecture foundations are here. Even if the current features are still far to compete with the most basic Arduino, we are confident that we can now build it fast!

Pierre Rouanet right now

Every week: we will write new tutorials, release new software updates and blog about Rust for embedded, robotics, and our start-up life. Anything from our toolchain and workflow to our business successes and failures.

Every month: we will launch a new hardware product, from modular electronic boards to robotic platforms.

We want to build fast but not alone. Shipping this first Luos development board was actually the first step of our mission: building a community.

Why such a hurry to push forward and communicate?

Because building such an ambitious project cannot be done by keeping it private until it’s ready and perfect. It requires a community of developers and robotic enthusiasts that will keep challenging Luos so we can put all our efforts on the features that really matter.

Building a community is a big challenge. We already did it a few years ago when we launched the Poppy project (in our previous life at Inria). We are confident we can do it again and better with Luos.

If you want to join the adventure, just let us know by e-mail or by subscribing to the following newsletter.

I’m a robotic engineer/Phd & product designer, co-founder at Pollen Robotics. If you enjoyed this article, let me know by clapping or following our publication.