Say No to “Fast Outsource”

And fast fashion. I’ll tell you how they are related.

(Please bear with my sassiness. This 4-minute read is packed with about 4 years of frustration.)

Ever heard of fast fashion before? I have. If you have not, I am not dropping names but there are tons of articles on this topic so I’ll let you discover yourself. All you need to know about fast fashion’s products:

  • Cheap
  • Break down easily (actually designed to break down easily)
  • Contain toxic chemicals 😱

Now, on to how I define “fast outsource”. Or, let me define a “fast outsource shopaholic:”

  • Always looks for cheapest outsource possible
  • Definitely does not know the worth of a good freelancer
  • Possibly frustrated with the way his/her freelancer(s) work, the final result of the project, and more

Does this describe you? I feel you, my friend. I have been freelancing about 3 years but also regularly hire freelance web developers to catch up with deadlines. I made this mistake of loving “fast outsource” for a while back, snapped out, walked away and never look back.


The bad quality

Now I’m gonna name names though. I’m even gonna tag you here. Yes, I’m talking to you Fiverr. $5 for a logo design? A logo design = a Subway footlong sandwiches?

Basic package of $5 for “2 logos in 2000px X 2000px 300dpi + 24 HRS delivery + 2 revisions.” If you pay someone for a $5 logo design (for TWO logos), you know what you are getting right? Right? I guess if everyone knows this, “starting at $5” gig sales cannot be crazy as it is now.

Of course, your freelancer cannot “design” the logo to fall apart in a couple of month like fast fashion companies are able to do with their products. However, I guarantee your $5 logo cannot give you what $100/$1000 logo that designed by a art school Bachelor graduate (who pays $50,000 each year to study Graphic Design by the way). Your $5 logo will save you a placeholder avatar, please don’t expect anymore. Maybe that’s exactly what you are looking for, only then I think you make the right choice.

The “toxic chemicals”

A $5 shirt that will poison you for a month (that’s how long you can use it before it breaks down) or a $150 shirt will last you a lifetime? It’s your choice, still. Of course, you can still hire someone to design and develop your e-commerce website for $200. Just prepare for the “toxic chemicals”:

  • Irresponsible work ethics
  • Deadlines missed
  • Terrible communications

I can name 50. (I’ll save them for blog post of their own because they are well deserved your attention). Prepare to hire another round of freelancer(s) to clean up the mess, or you know, do everything all over again. If you have enough time on your hand, let’s go with “fast outsource.”

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What to look out for next issues on:

  • What to look for in a long-term outsource help?
  • What is the right rate for my freelancer?
  • Remote outsource help. Should you do it?

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