How to use properly as a Twitch community or team

First of all when you went on choose the team you want to Lurk @

Hear you can choose from the exisition top 50 Lurk Communites or you just type in your community/team name in the according field on the upper right corner. Be aware that it needs to be the same syntax as it is in the twitch url. (<thisiswhatyouneed>)

If you are lurking there are some points you need to be aware of to count as a viewer:

  1. Do not use in an inactive Tab as it then will not count as view! Please use a separate window
  2. The Streams need to be unmuted! Just mute the Tab or use your Windows Mixer to mute the Browser.
  3. I suggest you to use Firefox as with Chrome it is more complicated to count as a viewer!
  4. I suggest to Whitelist for Adblockers as it is not clear if not somehow cookies or something else blocks you from being counted as view!


If you use Firefox you are done and do not need to do anything else.


Chrome implemented some adverting protections which also cause the streams to be muted and also cause browser-games to be messed up with their audio

You can “currently” deactivate the new auto-play policy by doing the following:

  1. Copy this string to your Chrome Address Bar: chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy
  2. In the Settings windows set “Autoplay-policy” to “No user gesture is required”

If you are more interested in this behavior please read this article:

Additional for Chrome

If you do not want to apply the change above there is also the way of clicking the button in the lower right corner! But you will need to click it every time the browser did a refresh! So you may increase your refresh interval.

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