We got funded!

Hello fellow Lurkers!

It’s been a busy couple of months and we have some fun news to share with you. In October we got funded! Now we’re gonna be able to create more features faster. It feels extremely good to be able to focus all of our energy on Lurkit from here on now.

What are we up to?

We’re currently recruiting two new Lurkit members (a frontend and a backend developer) that will join the team in January in Linköping, Sweden. There’s also a lot of other tasks that needs to be dealt with when starting up a start up (I couldn’t help myself), such as finding an office space, planning, implementing new processes, networking and other admin tasks that absorbs time. We’re really sweeping the ground floor now so that we can focus entirely on developing new features from January.

What have we released in October?

Rework of Quick-add — Yes, start by adding a Twitch, Youtube or Smashcast channel by using the ‘Add Stream’ field in the in the bottom left corner. You can also hover over a stream and press the plus (+) sign to add streams. You can also remove streams while multistreaming.

Technical improvements — better caching and bug fixes. As mentioned in previous posts this is something that we always work on to make the overall experience on Lurkit a better one.

What’s Coming?

You can expect the following new features to be released in November:

Rework of the startpage. It will look something like this,

We also plan to roll out all streams from Mixer in November.

We will share more about where we’re at with the user account experience in our next post — and what we will do after that.

Have a great week!

The Lurkit team