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Using Choo-Choo World for Early Years Learning

What is Choo-Choo World?

The track is built, what next?

Key Points

Expressive Arts and Design

An image of a simple track my son did using the screen capture button on the website

Understanding the World: The Natural World

  • Explore the natural world around them,
  • Making observations
  • Knowing some similarities and differences between the natural world around them and contrasting environments.


Practice counting


The three sheep in the background is a good example.
  • Helping children to make links between numbers which solidifies their understanding of core numeracy
  • It can make working out math problems faster
  • Helps with pattern recognition
  • Children don’t become overly reliant on counting, so can be good for children who can count confidently up to 5 to push further.

Addition or Subtraction

Simple addition

💡 This addition exercise can be a follow up activity after subitising

Simple subtraction


Play eye spy with phonics

How to do it

What are the benefits of doing this?

Other ways of playing eye spy in Choo-Choo World

Spot the tricky words

Even my two year old loves Choo-Choo World. Together we play eye spy with colours of the tracks and reinforce vocabulary by spotting the farm animals. She was amused by the sheep in the hot air balloon and loved pressing the tunnel button!

Final Words




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