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Carolina Faria: A Journey Towards Designing for Impact

A bit of context before we get started

Today we are excited to introduce you to Carolina Faria, she will share with you her journey into Service Design.

Carolina Faria

A Journey Towards Service Design

While prototyping, in the Post-Graduation ME310 Product and Service Innovation

My favourite project

Taken by John Eggleston: CBI A3 2017/2018 in IdeaSquare, CERN
CBI modular logo

Currently what topics are you interested in?

Planet Centric Design Principles
  • How responsible is the work that I do?
  • What can be its consequences over time?
  • How is my work influencing people’s behaviours?
  • Who can help me answer these questions?

Service design in Finland

What do people interested in moving to Finland need to know before they book their flight?

Closing thoughts

“We need to build designers who understand their job is not to be a pair of hands, but to be society’s gatekeepers” -Mike Monteiro.



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Carolina Faria

Passionate about using design methodologies to improve people’s lives and our interaction with natural systems.