The 10 commandments of Being a Good Ex-Girlfriend.

So it shall come to pass, that your relationship will transform from Gold to just plain shit. It will become a time that you must break up with your girlfriend.

To taste freedom again of not having to be around that person.

This article is not just for Men. Women can and SHOULD read this article. If you are going through a breakup or know someone that is, pass this one to them and tell them,


Why? Because no one wants to date someone’s Bad Ex Girlfriend! It is a Dating Suicide Mission if you take it on!

1. Thou shall not Trash Talk

Gossiping is one of the most unnoticed guilty sin that happens in American Society today. Everyone does it and even your favorite author, who writing this is not safe. I personally had to learn this lesson for myself the hard way. Just because it was hard for me doesn’t mean that it has to be for you as well. Merely, only trash talk your former lover or EX in a very private manner. Either by screaming in a room alone or with someone who will not go talking to everyone about what you are saying. One or two people are not bad but a Bad Ex-Girlfriend will tell everyone the story that will be long, painful, and it is annoying.

Save your breath and focus on moving forward.

2. Thou Shall not Damage Property!

Easy there Carrie Underwood! Just because they did you wrong and he has some nice stuff doesn’t mean that you have the right to destroy his property. Plus, you could go to jail or be taken to court and be forced to pay for damages. That is if it is worth his time to report the crime and to get an attorney, but still, what person wants to be dating the girl that goes off the handle when her boyfriend cheats or messes up and they damage their property? I can also hear all of the women out there that are insecure in their ability to be fine on their own say, “Well maybe he shouldn’t had cheated then!” My answer to that, is this women, he shouldn’t had cheated, because that deed broke the agreement that you had with him, still you chose him over everyone else. If he won the lottery you would be jumping for joy. SO ladies, take the good with the bad but make good decisions and do not make it worse by smashing his shit or throwing his possessions on the front lawn. You trusted him and you have to accept the responsibility for being in that situation.

3. Never shall you sleep with your Ex-Boyfriend’s friends or acquaintances

This is a Commandment that just makes me curse and yell. The whole point of having a friend is to not betray your friend or the friendship. Loyalty and Trust are essential components to being a friend to me. Hopefully, they are to you as well. Also, knowing that a friend is also a friend of mine just for the chance to sleep with my girlfriend is lame. They are not able to meet a woman for themselves or find someone on their own is a sign of weakness and powerlessness. Plus, even if he did steal my woman, it would show that my woman was also a false friend. In fact this betrayal may be hurtful but also I am thankful for the true intention of my friend’s liking me is now in the open.

In the words of my mentor, Mr. Steve Piccus, “Thank you for taking out my trash and please don’t come back, both of you.”

4. Thou will not stalk, troll, mass text, make multiple phone calls in order to harass or annoy.

Why? You are broken up and there is not much else to talk about but for some reason, women will call and call their Ex Boyfriend just to bother him or for them to vent their frustrations at them with the desires of just expressing their anger to their Ex Boyfriend. “Baby Mommas” love doing this type of behavior which makes for a bad situation and a poor example of how a mature adult should deal with a break up for the child or children witnessing it. Plus, it takes up the other person’s time and word will get around in some social circles and no one will be viewing the harasser in the same light as before. It is a very unattractive behavior to others.

5. I will not brag about my current Lover to my Ex-Lover(s)

So quick story. My good buddy, Jason M. and I were in the Marine Corps together and he broke up with this girl and it was nasty. A week later she is calling him and telling him how her new boyfriend has a larger penis than him and how he was better in bed. Jason knew that it was a lie but it was just the woman trying to still be seen as a Prize or of some large value to others and that he was not worthy of her anymore. Which he took as crazy. Everyone in our social circle turned a cold shoulder to this woman when she called us to be a part of our fun or to invite us to her parties and such. Still, we all turned her down because of her saying that our friend was not man enough. He was our friend and we weren’t going to turn our back on him and definitely not when his Ex-Girlfriend turned out to be a Bad Ex Girlfriend.

6. Thou shalt not throw a tantrum!

When a woman does this, it is some straight up Jerry Springer type garbage. If you throw a tantrum, it shows a high level of immaturity, much like that of a small child. Women who do this are always complaining, “There are no good men around me!” Well, this has to be said, stop acting a little girl and more like a mature adult, and you might just attract a few good men. TIll Then, stop with the tantrums and harassing your EX. You are truthfully just hurting yourself when you do this to yourselves, ladies.

7. Thou shall respect boundaries!

When your Ex Boyfriend says that it is over and that he is dumping you, that means, stop coming around unannounced or coming up with any stupid requests. Sure, you may have to get your boxed DVD set of “How I met your Mother” back from him and a few other items as will he from you. Still if you keep coming around his home or his place of work just to say “Hi” it is a huge disruption in his life and he will label you as a Bad Ex Girlfriend!

8. Be respectful of the In-Laws

This one is huge. No matter what kind of shit has happened and involved. No one in his family is ever going to take his side when they are family with him. Sure there are some exceptions to this but know that if it is a simple breakup, do not bring in the In-Laws. You going to their Mother, their Brother, their Sister or even Cousins will bring only more stryfe to everyone and even to both of your families so they are off limits. Plus, every year people will be saying every Holiday Season to your Ex Boyfriend, “Honey, who was that one girl that you dated that was bat-shit crazy and came over here crying about you both breaking up. Glad you aren’t with her anymore!”

9. Thou is forbidden to attempt to get your EX fired from their place of employment or attempt to ruin their reputation.

Do not go to his place of work and bitch to his boss or employer because now everyone at his work is going to know, “Hey, I saw that your Bad Ex-Girlfriend came down here and was doing stupid games to get attention. Can you make sure that you don’t date women like that anymore, it’s a distraction for me in my office.”

Stay away from women who do this.

10. Do not post stupid shit on Facebook after the fact

Finally, the “I just broke up with that worthless piece of Cuss!” posts. It seems that women love doing this more than actually getting into a relationship. Well, not all women do this just the ones who are needing to hold on to a relationship still that is over in their mind until they hurt express anger and insult towards the Ex. There is nothing positive or loving by doing this.

About the Author,

Adam Goodson

The founder and head hypnotist at Impactful Changes Hypnosis of San Diego has been studying hypnosis since 2008 and leading clients to change since 2010.