The Great Disconnect — June 15, 2015

Summary: Technology can be a great tool to connect with others, but too much of it can be a bad thing! Today’s chat talked about “The Great Disconnect”- the process of disconnecting from technology sometimes. Today’s chat included the consequences of too much technology, the benefits to disconnecting, and potential social gathering!

Topic 1: What are the drawbacks of being connected 24/7?

Marissa Engelhard: [1] Limited real-life connections

Ann Ciaccio: [1] Added stress [2] Neglect of others

Bill Johnson: [1] Always connected and never silent or fully present

Seth Hinz: [1] The pace is ridiculous. It feels like you’re always playing catch up

Billy Schultz: [1] No such thing as balance

Lindsay Henry: [1] Our brains are exhausted and we don’t retain as much information we are bombarded with so much of it

Miriam Rossow: [1] No boundaries. You are always expected to respond immediately. [2] No out of office time

Topic 2: What are the benefits to disconnecting? Tell us about your experience if you’ve been intentional about disconnecting?

Miriam Rossow: [1] Focused on the people and activity that is happening

Lindsay Henry: [1] Being disconnected from technology gives you more time to connect with the Lord, as well as those He has intentionally put in your life

Seth Hinz: [1] Samsung’s new Android update has a “priority interruptions only” which is a good thought

Marissa Engelhard: [1] Longer amounts of interrupted work or play time

Topic 3: How can we encourage people to make space to disconnect?

Miriam Rossow: [1] Making sure the information we give out is important and helpful and watching how much information we give people

Seth Hinz: [1] Recommendation when out with friends, put all the phones in a pile in the middle, and the first to grab their phone pays the bill

Topic 4: What alternatives would be presented in a “blackout” or “unplugged” initiative?

Ann Ciaccio: [1] There could be a community gathering

Miriam Rossow: [1] Bible study [2] Community service [3] Time for people to connect in a deeper way and build relationships

Seth Hinz: [1] Family devotions

Topic 5: Let’s have fun. Let’s brainstorm a name for this event

Miriam Rossow: [1] Communicators Disconnect

Seth Hinz: [1] Put it to Rest [2] Look Up [3] Lutheran Reconnect [4] Shelfie Week [5] Hands Free, Hearts Open [6] Make Space [7] Open Up

Lindsay Henry: [1] Charge [2] Recharge

Chat Links: Video about disconnecting Website about the National Day of Unplugging

Edited and compiled by Emily Ciaccio