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Lucien WD
Lucien WD
Mar 22, 2017 · 3 min read

Lucien lives in Sligo, Ireland, and is studying Communications at Dublin City University.

🖱️ In 2012, he created the film/TV website BuzzHub, which received a Bronze Irish Blog Award for Best Arts/Culture Blog in 2015, and was shortlisted again in 2016. Rebranded as Luwd Media in 2017, it won Best Arts/Culture Blog at that year’s awards. It was longlisted again in 2018, and also received two Hybrid Student Media Awards in April 2019.

🎙️He co-created and co-hosted The 99% Podcast with Michael McAndrew of Corrib Digital, Above All Else (an experimental series of audio programmes), Ostracise This!, the film podcast Where’s The Damn Sequel?! and the DCUfm show Most Unparliamentary Language. He’s also co-Podcast Editor for The College View student newspaper.

🍆 He produced and co-hosted Aubergine Surprise, a weekly morning show on Galway’s 101.3 FlirtFM, from October 2016 to April 2017. FlirtFM is broadcast across County Galway FM airwaves and the show’s listeners included commuters, carpoolers and a great number of students.

👻 Lucien has a long history of involvement with film production. He co-directed the short film Beware The Horror Ghost, which was selected to screen at the 2014 Fresh Film Festival in Limerick. He’s recently worked on the RTÉ series National Treasures: A Peoples’ Archive. Learn more on his IMDb page. He also worked as programming assistant at the Different Directions Experimental Film Festival from 2008 to 2010.

In late 2017 he set about relaunching the DCU Film Society, which held its first general meeting in January 2018. Lucien was the first Chairperson of the new society, which screens films every week on campus. He is now in his second term as Public Relations Officer.

He’s been involved in podcasting for several years, and has previously hosted and produced shows including Box Office Buzz, Front Seat Cinema, Muesli, Revolucienary and Reverse Economics.

Lucien won the Galway-wide Make Your Own Way video competition in 2015, promoting use of public transport. He has been a web consultant/blog manager for the Galway West branch of the Social Democrats. He has experience as a visiting speaker in Dublin Business School. Other work includes market research for a retail company and customer assistance in a flagship retail outlet.

Since it began in 2015, The 99% has featured interviews with a variety of fascinating figures, including renowned DJ Sven Hansen-Løve, anti-monarchy activist Graham Smith, Willy Wonka actor Rusty Goffe and Lucien’s own religion teacher.

Aubergine Surprise, co-hosted by Killian Byrne (of the acclaimed band The Byrne Brothers), was acclaimed for its entertaining mix of great music (ranging from Joni Mitchell to Orville The Duck) and insightful discussion. Lucien and Killian welcomed guests in studio including Galway band The Vibe, who debuted their new single live on the show.

Most Unparliamentary Language is a new discussion show co-hosted by three fellow DCU students, covering a range of topics including the wokeness of various cultural output and why J.K. Rowling and Morrissey aren’t our heroes anymore.

In 2014, Lucien was editor of the Large Association of Movie Blogs’ annual feature LAMB Devours The Oscars, a month-long series of articles from respected film blogs around the world. He was senior editor of Galway’s GTI Gazette for the 2016/2017 college year, and hosted three daily shows on GTI Radio in March 2017, as well as producing a series of podcasts for the station. He occasionally writes for The College View newspaper, and has previously contributed to Hypable.com and the Galway Independent. In 2018, Luwd Media was shortlisted for a Hybrid Student Media Award, and Lucien also made the shortlist for Best Poster.


Get in touch with Lucien on Twitter (@revolucienary), Instagram (@lucienwd)or SnapChat (iamanartiste).

Or if you’re not hip and down-with-the-kids, you can always send him an email: lu@luwdmedia.com or message him on Facebook.

Lucien WD

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Lucien WD

Communications student at Dublin City University.

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