Autumn 2018’s Most Exciting TV Shows

I don’t know about you, but I’m bored of the summer. And there’s so much great content coming in Autumn and Winter! So before I reveal the feature films that have my deepest attention in the coming months, let’s take a look at the equally tantalising television schedule, including a Jim Carrey dramedy, the return of two phenomenal cartoons and some bizarre and potentially brilliant new miniseries.

9. ATYPICAL (Season 2)

We! Need! More! Brigette! Lundy! Paine! The first season of the Asperger’s-themed rom-com was a remarkably endearing, Parenthoody pleasant surprise. This is the sort of show that could easily run for years.


From visionary director… Ben Stiller (hmmm okay) comes a true crime miniseries starring the Major League trio of Patricia Arquette, Paul Dano and Benicio Del Toro. Yeah, Escape at Dannemora ain’t fucking about.


The Hollywood legend gets a primetime ABC talk show that probably won’t last more than a season, but deserves our attention for the moment. If it’s as entertaining as his Here’s the Thing podcast, this will be a treat.


Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner returns with an anthology series starring a bunch of really interesting actors (Amanda Peet, Griffin Dunn, Clea DuVall, Isabelle Huppert, Paul Reiser and many more) as seemingly unrelated characters who claim to be descendants of the Romanoffs. Looks wacky enough to be great.

5. 9–1–1 (Season 2)

Ryan Murphy’s emergency response vehicle (get it?) launched in January and was shockingly entertaining, adding a unique layer of camp to typical procedural plotlines, and treating us to an assortment of sexy firefighters led by Peter Krause. Season 2 launches with a big-budget earthquake episode that looks more like a Dwayne Johnson movie than a FOX show. We’re very on board.

4. BIG MOUTH (Season 2)

Forget Mad Men… Nick Kroll and John Mulaney’s Big Mouth is the best show about sex ever made. Season 2 adds a character called The Shame Wizard voiced by David Thewlis to its pants-jizzing tapestry of hormonal humiliation. And that’s the only reason anyone should need to look forward to it.


With Emma Stone, Jonah Hill and Justin Theroux starring and Patrick Somerville (a Leftovers vet) on writing duties, this has the potential to be phenomenal. And while the trailer has some soft Inception/Eternal Sunshine vibes, it smells more strongly of Cloud Atlas and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It’s anyone’s guess which brand of dreamy sci-fi it’ll turn out to resemble more closely. Prayers for the former.


Though it’s likely on its last legs, Bojack remains TV’s most consistently exceptional show. What more needs to be said? New Bojack. Almost here.


If a network gave me $40m to make anything I wanted, a Jim Carrey puppet depression show directed by Michel Gondry would probably be my first preference. Kidding was dreamed up especially for my tastes. Carrey! Catherine Keener! Judy Greer! Frank Langella! A show within a show! Fuck. Kidding. Can’t wait.