Critiquing My Spotify Top Songs 2017

Spotify today launched that awesome feature that lets you see what you listened to the most over the past year. I’m sure you were shocked by some of the things that popped up on your list, as am I with mine. I’m gonna break down the first few tracks for you now.

Listen to the full playlist yourself here.

Green Light is easily my favourite song of 2017. I listened to it between 100 and 150 times the first day I heard it. As with any music, I can’t sum up why I love this song so much, but it hits me on a number of emotional levels. I’ve come to associate it with the period when I was moving away in April/May, so it makes me a bit tearful to listen to it today.

Had no idea this would be popping up on the list. There was an awesome cover of Personal Jesus by Richard Cheese used on The Leftovers (which appears further down my playlist) so I sought out the original, which is a fantastic track. I prefer this remix to the original.

I heard Fresh Blood on Atypical and remembered hearing it before — on Sneaky Pete, it turned out. I listened to it on a loop one day I was stuck alone in our house in the middle of a field; out on a walk, making dinner. Got a lot of plays.

I discovered Feel It Still in, of all places, the trailer for the godawful new Peter Rabbit film, but it’s a really fun upbeat tune that dragged me very slightly out of a depressive state I was in mid-to-late September. Really good song for jumping up and down to rid oneself of anxieties.

We were talking about Bloc Party playing a gig in Dublin so I decided to check out Kele’s solo hit, which I recalled enjoying during my BBC Radio 1 phase. It’s a really superb dance track. I definitely don’t think I listened to it that much.

What a fabulous irony: the highest bit of film score on my playlist is from… My №1 Worst Film of the Year! Amazing. King Arthur was absolute trash, but this track from Pemberton’s score is sensational. Really energetic. I love it.

Another one from The Leftovers. Now that I think about it, I’ve listened to this song pretty consistently all year long. It’s so groovy.

If it wasn’t for Green Light, this would undoubtedly be my Song of 2017. It’s an equally cathartic release of musical energy. I love it so much. It should probably be higher on the list, but I’ve mostly listened to it on the actual album, rather than on Spotify.

Surprised it cracked the top 10, but — yeah — great song.

Every year there’s one Springsteen song I suddenly discover and fall in love with. I listened to a lot of Outlaw Pete as well, but Streets of Philadelphia is absolutely beautiful. I also listened to Neil Young’s Philadelphia a lot (after watching Philadelphia — can you tell?) but that isn’t on Spotify.

Awesome bit of left-wing English protest music, terrific lively beat to it.


So my top Spotify artists this year were Snow Patrol, The War On Drugs, Arcade Fire, Lorde and Mac Quayle, in that order. So where on earth are Snow Patrol and The War On Drugs on this list? It’s most likely that I’ve listened to their music (a) primarily as full albums with less focus on one or two Big Tracks (b) on the albums themselves, or on my iPod Classic (yeah, I have one, whatcha gonna do about it??). I only really started using Spotify in late April, and it was in March that I went heavy on The War On Drugs track “Eyes to the Wind” — after that, I was more democratic with song choices, and that’s represented further down my Top Songs playlist.