‘Doctor Who’ is the worst show on TV, but I’m really glad they’ve cast a female Doctor

I would call BBC’s long-running Doctor Who “a show for 6-year olds”, but to be honest I found it boring when I was 6 years old. Doctor Who is the worst kind of crap: profoundly stupid yet extremely pretentious about its intellectual backbone. Doctor Who is about as smart as the Transformers films, and it’s no more fun. I hate the bloody thing. But its showrunners today made the best decision in the show’s history: they paid no heed to bigots, and they named a woman the 13th actor to play the titular time traveller.

Doctor Who isn’t an iconic character: it’s not a character at all. Doctor Who is an iconic position. And, believe it or not, there are women doctors. So why on earth wouldn’t a woman become the lead in Doctor Who? I’m unfamiliar with Jodie Whittaker as an actress, and I also don’t give a shit who plays Doctor Who. Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi are equally irritating personalities; the last actor in the role who I actually like was Christopher Eccleston in 2005. But I’m always game for some left-wing progressive politics, and the decision to piss off every Daily Mail reader and misogynistic nerd (the majority of Who’s audience) is a commendable one. I shan’t be watching any of Whittaker’s run on the show, but I do hope she’s less shit than the previous guys. Just to prove a point.