‘Incredibles 2’ Teaser Trailer: Please Please Don’t Screw This Up

So the teaser for Incredibles 2 is here and it’s a 30-second Jack-Jack comedy skit with the movie’s logo tacked on at the end. I love the logo with a passion. The Jack-Jack stuff? Ehh.

Y’see The Incredibles (2004) is possibly my favourite film of all time — it’s definitely the one I’ve seen the most, and I love it because it’s not really about the kids. The Jack-Jack stuff towards the end, I can honestly give or take. It’s fine, it’s funny, it isn’t the powerful existentialism of the Bob and Helen arc. The Incredibles is a film about suburbia and middle age and all the things I find so meaningful in cinema. It’s pretty much the only film about those themes ever made for kids. It’s a masterpiece.

So it’s a little upsetting to me that, to kick off the marketing for I2, Brad Bird and Pixar have gone with something fairly infantile. This teaser, had you not seen the original, would not convince you that The Incredibles is as incredibly smart and poignant as we know it to be. It looks, frankly, like The Boss Baby without the political meta humour (I really like The Boss Baby, but it ain’t no Incredibles).

So here’s hoping this is just a marketing gimmick. Obviously this scene isn’t actually in the film. But I would’ve liked something akin to the first movie’s teaser, which saw a fat, old Bob struggle to get into his old supersuit. Tragic.

At least if Incredibles 2 (where’s the fucking ‘The’???) is bad — although I may die of sorrow — I can use the review headline BIRD SHITS ON MY CHILDHOOD. And that’ll cheer me up a little bit.