Michael Stuhlbarg lost at the Emmys and Jeff Daniels (who won) understands my pain

Last night Michael Stuhlbarg was nominated at a televised awards show for the first time since the 2010 Golden Globes. And he could’ve won. Chances are, he came second in his category. But a preferential ballot ultimately resulted in the more populist choice of Godless’ big bad Jeff Daniels taking the trophy: that show was simply more widely-seen than Stuhlbarg’s Looming Tower, which — ironically — starred Jeff Daniels. But I don’t spite Daniels one bit for his win: he, with Stuhlbarg, is one of my favourite living American actors. And after collaborating in Steve Jobs and now Tower, they clearly have an excellent professional relationship, reflected in Daniels’ quote tweeting of myself today where he called The Stuhl “one of the most talented actors we have working today”. You’re absolutely right, Jeff. But it takes one to know one.