The 10 best moments from the new ‘Incredibles 2’ Trailer

I dig most of this trailer. The stupid raccoon from yesterday’s poster is nowhere to be seen (nor, strangely, are the group of new heroes hiding in the background). We are, however, exposed to some very exciting stuff that I am now going to run through.

1.The trailer’s opening dinner scene is genuinely really, really funny. Simple but effective.

2. It’s important we acknowledge how absolutely awesome it is that a middle-aged, married mother of three is going to be the foremost action heroine of a massive summer movie. That’s borderline revolutionary, and fair play to Brad Bird and co. for seeing this franchise’s potential to do something really special.

3. Still delighted to see Bob Odenkirk not only voicing, but providing the visual reference for, this character. They’ve put Saul Goodman in an Incredibles movie! How cool is that?!

4. This reminds me of my favourite scene from I1, when Bob discovers the KRONOS computer. The minimalist graphics that provided the basis for the first movie’s end credits are utilised again here, and look absolutely marvellous.

5. It appears that the corporation who hire Helen also land the Parrs a swanky new house. What a beautiful space.

6. More very effective slapstick here. The faces on the three guys are priceless. And it’ll be nice if Violet’s teen angst gets explored a little, as is implied here. I doubt Pixar have made a movie about the struggles of early menstruation, but I wouldn’t have put it past them after Inside Out. I hope we see Tony Rydinger again (google “Tony Rydinger Violet fan art” and you will find some treasures).

7. Have you ever seen action scenes like this in an animated film? Because I haven’t. That’s some Chris Nolan set-piece shit going on in Incredibles 2, and I am HERE FOR IT.

8. Hey, Dash can be nice. The less that character behaves like Bart Simpson, the better.

9. And we have our villain! He is fucking freaky, and it looks like he’s going to hypnotise everyone through their TV sets, which is a not-totally-original but still very cool concept.

10. I personally think the “Honey where is my super suit?” scene from I1 is a little overrated, but I’m still happy as hell to get Lucius’s wife’s disembodied voice back. I just hope they don’t pander too much throughout the film with these kinds of callbacks.

So I’m pretty much on board for Incredibles 2 until something bad is released to change my perspective. The trailers for this movie could have been more exciting I feel — just in terms of use of music and build-up etc. — and I haven’t exactly been squeeing while watching them. But there’s absolutely nothing in this trailer that I’m not excited to see in the context of the finished film. Roll on Whenever The Fuck Disney Decides To Release This In Ireland.