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Where’s The Damn Sequel?! celebrates (and critiques) the Hollywood movies that, for better or worse, never got the sequels their creators anticipated. From National Treasure to Green Lantern, join Lucien, Michael and guests for witty and insightful discussion of some great, and terrible, films, and the industry that spawned them.

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Ostracise This! sees JL Show co-hosts Lucien and Eoghan reunited for a weekly detox session/rant carnival: what’s been making us angry? And what can be done to stop it?

Lucien and Eoghan have debated hot-button issues like terrorism, political correctness and Henry Cavill’s moustache in the uniquely snarky manner of two friends who don’t see each other very often.

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Most Unparliamentary Language is a college radio show-turned-podcasting sensation hosted by Gemma, Eimear, Michael and Lucien, four students with a little expertise and a lot of opinions.

From absurdly-specific local bureaucracy to global annihilation, nothing will go undiscussed on the podcast that #StillHatesThatcher and has more than a few chips on its shoulder.

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Soup After Midnight sees Lucien and Killian return to the territory they conquered with Aubergine Surprise and Daly Weekly.

Enjoy the after-hour ramblings of two young men, one of whom pushed the other into a locker in school while shouting “haha gay”. They’ve come a long way since then…

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The 99% covers current affairs, pop culture, technology and more, and has featured interviews with Willy Wonka actor Rusty Goffe, political campaigners Graham Smith and Michael Nugent, DJ Sven Hansen-Love, actor Felix de Givry, young scientists Elle Loughran and Ciara Judge, schoolteacher Michael Purcell, podcaster Ray Ortega and many more.

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