The Best Podcasts of 2018

Our year in review coverage continues as we announce our favourite podcasts of the past 12 months. These are all available for free on the interwebs, so get listening!


Hosts: Alice Linehan, Gemma Robotham

A homegrown Irish favourite; the hosts of S[TALK]ED invite an acquaintance into the studio and assail them with personal information, old interests and embarrassing behaviour discerned from their social media and online mentions. Hilarity always ensues thanks to the charisma and preparation of the two hosts.


Host: Sean Fennessy

The Ringer has an array of standout releases but the year’s most consistently high-quality was Sean Fennessy’s thorough exploration of the current Hollywood landscape, featuring interviews with directors and discussion of Oscar predictions etc. Fennessy is shockingly knowledgable and his guests are always able to meet his standard.


Hosts: Sean Kennedy, Dean O’Reilly

A considered, thoughtful but never less-than-hilarious insight into the lives of LGBT+ students in Irish universities today, No Tea invite on an array of guests from within both the queer and ally communities to tackle various angles on their sexual and gender identities. Plus, their graphic design absolutely rules.


Hosts: Hrishikesh Hirway, Joshua Malina

In its third consecutive year on our Best Podcasts list, West Wing Weekly maintained its high standard heading into the post-Sorkin seasons of the beloved political drama. They even recorded an episode in Dublin’s Vicar Street with guest Richard Schiff, a delightful chance for Luwd Media to meet the hosts in person.


Hosts: Griffin Newman, David Sims, Ben Hosley

Blank Check is simply the perfect movie podcast, delving into the filmographies of directors film-by-film and unearthing the secrets to Hollywood success and failure, accompanied by an assortment of hilarious bits. This year they’ve covered Brad Bird, James L. Brooks, Ang Lee, Nancy Meyers and are currently kicking off a Tim Burton miniseries. Blank Check is a chat between movie nerds that never feels nerdy or obnoxious. A really special show.