The Golden Globes made a statement, and made a few big mistakes

I stayed up all night and watched the Golden Globes for the first time in my life, but I honestly had nothing to do Monday morning and it seemed kinda worth live-tweeting.

The two Best Picture winners thrilled me: Three Billboards outside Ebbing Missouri and Lady Bird are among my favourite films of the year (Call Me By Your Name is better than both, but that was never going to be a big contender for the top prize). There’s been a surge of reactive hostility towards Martin McDonagh’s Billboards — with people seemingly incapable of interpreting its nuances deeming it horrible and racist — that I find pretty astounding. I think it’s a rich, complicated story with outstanding performances by some of the best people in Hollywood: two of whom won gold last night! Yes, Frances MacDormand and Sam Rockwell pipped category frontrunners Meryl Streep and Willem Dafoe to the post (not The Post), and it made me very happy to see them both on stage. They are, literally, the best. Dafoe, I still believe, is a near-sure thing for the Oscar, so he’ll get his moment. The same is true for Supporting Actress, where Laurie Metcalf (deserved and assumed Oscar winner) was beat by Allison Janney. I adore Allison Janney, and it’s a crime she never won a Globe for The West Wing, but her performance in I, Tonya simply isn’t that good. I, Tonya isn’t a very good film. Saoirse Ronan and James Franco got Best Actress/Actor in a Comedy, and they both deserved it (just about — I wasn’t too keen on Franco pushing Tommy Wiseau away from the microphone: the role is 50% his).

And now to the winners I wasn’t happy with. Kyle Maclachlan and Jude Law, in Twin Peaks and The Young Pope, gave two of the most impressive leading performances I can recall in my lifetime, and should in reality have shared the Lead Actor in a Limited Series gong. But, no, Ewan McGregor wore a wig and played twins, so they gave it to him. Any other year I’d be happy for McGregor, who seems absolutely lovely, but Fargo season 3 was bad and he was bad in it. At least he had the dignity to shout-out Michael Stuhlbarg and Carrie Coon, both outrageously absent from the ceremony, in his speech.

Timothée Chalamet needs to get every trophy in the goddamn world for his work in Call Me By Your Name and arguably also Lady Bird, yet it was Gary Oldman who took the stage to mumble some quasi-political crap nobody wanted to hear and thank known feminist Winston Churchill. Yup, go figure.

I’m glad Aziz Ansari won Actor in a Comedy Series for Master of None, but the other TV wins were a mixed bag. Alison Brie robbed for G.L.O.W. and the wrong people winning for Big Little Lies (Shailene Woodley was unquestionably the best thing in that show). With Guadagnino, Gerwig and Baker snubbed for nominations, the correct choice for Best Director was Chris Nolan. I like listening to Guillermo Del Toro speak as much as the next guy, he’s adorable, but his movie simply isn’t very good. Dunkirk and Call Me By Your Name can and will do better at the Oscars.

Finally, The Boss Baby lost Best Animated Feature, so the whole thing is a fucking joke anyway.