‘The Incredibles 2’: Dash has been recast, and everything else we learned at D23

Brad Bird’s The Incredibles 2, by far my most anticipated film of my life so far (I’ve been waiting almost 14 years — that’s most of my life dammit), arrives next June, so you would’ve been right to expect some major drops at the D23 Expo, but we actually didn’t get a lot of new stuff on the film.

1 Dash has been recast. Spencer Fox has been replaced by a guy called Huck Milner who doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page. Is this because Fox just sounds too old (probably) or because he was BEING A NIGHTMARE IN CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS?! (unlikely)

2 Edna is back back back! This silly video is the closest we got to a teaser, though it doesn’t feature any stuff from the sequel.

3 It’s all about Elastigirl. Bird says Holly Hunter’s Helen Parr is the main character this time, with Craig T. Nelson’s Bob now a stay-at-home dad. That’ll be cool.

4 It seems that The Incredibles 2 is indeed the title, because they didn’t announce any alternative. And it is only a year away.

5 Jack-Jack fights a raccoon in the garden. They showed the clip of this at the panel. I want to see it.

6 The Parrs have moved house. “The family gets a new house that’s a cross between a dream house and a super lair” says Brad Bird.