Wednesday One-Sheets: ‘Black Panther’, ‘Paddington 2’, ‘Justice League’

I watched the first Paddington when I was in a bad mood, and I found it twee and unsophisticated. But, boy, 6-year old Lucien would be really damn excited if he saw these posters for the sequel, which are intensely charming: from the marmalade pawprints to the words “Brendan Gleeson is Knuckles McGinty”.

Very, very similar in concept to the Thor Ragnarok one-sheet, with its weird symmetrical pattern and cramming of every character’s face into a small space — why Marvel have decided to go this route in 2017, I do not know, but this could certainly be a lot worse. As has been acknowledged, Martin Freeman and Andy Serkis are pretty good choices for the Only 2 White People In Black Panther, and there is something appealingly fresh about the faces on this poster; as fatigued as I am with Marvel movies, I do hope Black Panther succeeds, as a political statement more than anything. The trailer features a Gil-Scott Heron track, for god’s sake! As for the movie’s billing, this is the first Marvel film ever with 2 “with” credits. It’s telling that Hobbit lead Freeman is relegated to fifth billing, but the same can be said of Jeff Goldblum’s credit on Ragnarok. As for Andy Serkis, he’s one of the kings of the “and” billing — note that this is the biggest movie he’s ever appeared on the poster of in human form.

Another week, another godawful Justice League poster. At this point, the rubbish marketing for this film has become a source of glee for me (I wrote a whole piece about it), but this is just… incoherent. The names of the superheroes at the top — dear god. The logo incorporation into Y0U (AN’T 5AVE TH[ ^^orld ALONE (See, I can’t even do it!) — dear god. The fact that Superman’s logo is part of that sequence despite Superman not being on the poster, which is fucking confusing for kids. Ugh, why can’t someone intervene?