Wednesday One-Sheets: ‘King Arthur’, ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Alien Covenant’

Welcome to Wednesday One-Sheets, a new weekly breakdown of freshly-unveiled movie posters.

Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur: Legend of the Sword has- at moments- seemed like a film that will never see the light of day. It’s been delayed approximately 10 times since Ritchie signed on to direct, casting Charlie Hunnam as the titular monarch. Now, personally I think Legend of the Sword looks pretty good, but the marketing has ranged from okay to weak. This poster, presumably the final one, has promoted Jude Law to above-title billing despite his actual credit on the film (in which he plays a villainous wizard king) being a “with Jude Law”, under Eric Bana’s more prestigious “and”. Jude Law is very much a big selling point for the film; his career has been given a major boost since Young Pope aired, after his contrast and “with” credit were confirmed, presumably. I like the gold lettering “King Arthur” is written in, but I think Warner Bros. are foolish to rely so heavily on images of Hunnam to sell the project. Hunnam is a TV actor… his biggest film, Pacific Rim, was only a moderate success — and what money it did take wasn’t due to Hunnam. I hope Arthur isn’t as big a flop as everyone expects, but as for Ritchie — he’s already signed on to do Aladdin at Disney.

This is fine. I really don’t care about Alien: Covenant that much. The real star of the film for me will be Michael Fassbender, but it makes sense that Fox would highlight the Ripley-type character (Katherine Waterston) facing the franchise’s signature monster. I like the focus on green in the advertising, following Prometheus’ uniform use of blue.

So after Star Trek Beyond shockingly underperformed last Summer, naturally Universal would release a poster for The Mummy that’s identical to that film’s Half-Of-Sofia-Boutella’s-Face sheet. Sofia Boutella was great in Kingsman, but I’m sceptical that she’ll ever deliver another noteworthy performance. Certainly, when The Mummy stars TOM FREAKIN’ CRUISE, this makes no sense. I expect we’ll get something featuring him pretty soon.

Speaking of Kingsman, here’s the first teaser poster for that film’s sequel, directed once again by Matthew Vaughn. Confirmed: Colin Firth will indeed star in the film, despite… ummm… being shot in the head in K1. Julianne Moore will play the villain, while Channing Tatum and Jeff Bridges will presumably be Firth and Michael Caine’s counterparts in the American “Statesmen”. I love the contrast between the “tools” of the British and American gentlemen: the umbrella and lasso, but the order of the cast makes no sense: surely an “and” for Bridges? And Mark Strong credited above Halle Berry? Hmmm? Anyway, psyched for this film.