Wednesday One-Sheets: ‘The Greatest Showman’, ‘Downsizing’

Just when we thought we were done with Justice League, WB drop this last-minute design featuring the return of Henry Cavill’s Superman. Too little, too late, guys.

Marvel released a range of Black Panther character posters, but this one really caught my eye: Martin Freeman, Tim from The Office, arguably one of the whitest people alive, standing proudly on the poster for a movie called BLACK PANTHER. You couldn’t make it up.

The original poster for All The Money featuring a giant Kevin Spacey bust was one of the most surprisingly clever designs of the year. Spacey’s out of the film, and hence we’re given this spectacularly generic shot of Wahlberg and Williams that clearly wasn’t intended for the poster. We’ll never forget that original design, Sony!

Obviously Downsizing is like an Oscar-bait Ant-Man, but that didn’t mean it had to steal that film’s poster concept (esp. since Matt Damon is now a member of the Marvel family). Note: this is the first Damon movie in quite a while without a GIANT WORDS IN FRONT OF HIS FACE poster to speak of.

Everything about The Greatest Showman is so cheesy it makes Mamma Mia! look like a Michael Haneke movie, and Hugh Jackman’s photoshopped smile on this poster is just one of those things. I’m still vaguely excited to see the film, but by god is it a tough sell to the cynical audience of 2017. What was the last hit circus movie?