Wednesday One-Sheets: ‘War for the Planet of the Apes’, ‘Baby Driver’

Welcome to the latest Wednesday One-Sheets, my weekly roundup of the freshest posters coming outta Hollywood.

Caesar on horseback? Cool beans. His other apey friends? Ehhhh. There’s something inherently laughable, and distracting, about the sight of two Harambe-type simians facing us mounted on noble steeds. Otherwise, the design of both foreground and background on this poster is marvellous, while the misty mountains at the back look kinda like the toppled Statue of Liberty from the OG Apes — might we see the origin of that moment come July 14?

Another week, another dodgy Wonder Woman design. Warner Bros.’ confusion over how to sell their DC film has finally led them to include a character other than Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince on a poster, and by god is this awful. Was not one photo of both Gadot and Chris Pine available? Why is he emerging from blue fog? This is all kinds of terrible.

“Go home, @DisneyPirates, you’re drunk!” I tweeted at first sight of this abysmal banner. This genuinely looks like something I designed when I was 12 years old. The sharp divide down the middle is so unnecessary — there are a number of possible Depp/Skull-blend visuals that could’ve looked decent. This is Apple Preview material.

Groovy. Funky. Fast as lightning. There’s an admirable, if unremarkable, consistency to the image being sold of Edgar Wright’s car-chase flick. Personally, I think it looks rather dull, but Sony are doing a decent job identifying the target market and pushing their buttons. Discounting House of Cards’ awesome marketing, Kevin Spacey hasn’t looked this cool on a movie poster for quite some time.