In with the New

About this time last year, we announced a new $350 million fund to invest in science and technology ventures at the outermost edges of what is possible. Since then Lux Capital has grown a great deal. We welcomed a new partner to our investment team, hired a new operating partner and a scientist in residence, led Kurion to a 40x acquisition and invested in 26 new companies, including Desktop Metal, Drone Racing League, Latch and Kallyope.

We also spent a lot of time thinking of new ways to serve the exceptional founders with whom we partner.

We surveyed dozens of inventors and entrepreneurs to learn what matters most to them and what we could do to accelerate their vision so they could bring the future closer. In addition to giving us new insight into ways we could improve, the process led us to new ideas about what Lux stands for and why we do what we do.

It also inspired the launch of a new brand for Lux.

Today we are proud to share our new identity. We thought a lot about what messages we wanted to convey. These were the three that stood out the most:


We started with the name of our firm. Lux is Latin for “light”. We are extreme optimists about what the future holds and we want to take an active part of sharing the most ambitious, impactful advancements with the rest of the world. That often means looking in places where others aren’t, and shining a light on the founders, inventors, scientists that are often unseen or misunderstood.


Scientists and technologists are the original rebels. They turn everything upside-down in order to understand and create a new reality. Throughout history they have chosen intellectual honesty, courage and invention over fear, ignorance and stagnation. They are the ones who overthrew conventional wisdom and risked their lives to tell the truth, ushering in entirely new ways of living. They thrive in the chaos of breakthrough-making and they are just the types of folks we love to support at Lux.

The Power of +x

Over the years we have seen that the most transformative discoveries come from brilliant scientists and technologists who cut across a range of disciplines and often work as a team with folks from other labs. The founding team might blend genomics, biology and big data, or mechanical engineering, robotics and artificial intelligence. It’s the mash-up and the remix of big ideas that lead to even bigger, more radical ideas — sometimes by addition (A + B), sometimes by multiplication (A x B).

At Kallyope, the Nobel prize winner who discovered the human sense of smell teamed up with data scientists to decode the mysterious gut-brain relationship. At Kymeta, a materials scientist hooked up with aerospace engineers to remix physics and satellites. At Shapeways, a collection of eclectic artists collaborated with 3D printing engineers to reinvent manufacturing. And at Auris, a world-famous surgeon and medical device pioneer teamed up with R2D2-loving engineers to redefine robotic surgery.

The Concept

We needed our new identity to do justice to those three elements — light, counter-conventional thinking and the power of multiplication.

The talented design team at Mucho did just that. If you take a look at the animated version of our logo, you can see how they brought each of those ideas to life.

It’s a nerd joke but we like the way it tricks our eyes. It’s like an idea out of quantum physics: to be in a “superposition,” switching between the two symbols of X and +. It represents something additive, multiplicative, radical, new and illuminating.

We were inspired to go even deeper and decided to overhaul our entire website, as well. Here is the link.

Finally, we added one more piece to the collection — a video that highlights the admiration and respect we have for the inventors and entrepreneurs with whom we spend our days.

We hope you like it.