It’s Time to Change the Light Switch

Noon Home is redefining how we control and experience light in our homes

Lighting has a significant impact on our everyday lives: It literally brightens our outlook. It allows us to sleep, wake, play and work according to our own schedules and interests — regardless of where the sun sits in the sky.

The way you light your home can create welcoming environments for your family and friends, and even has the power to influence your mood. However, custom “layered” lighting solutions are often too complex, too expensive, or both.

Noon Home Inc. is launching today to change that. Noon’s Smart Lighting System brings professional-quality layered lighting directly to consumers at a fraction of the cost of today’s custom systems. It’s easy to use and install, and works with whatever lighting equipment you currently have in your home, whether it’s analog, digital or both.

Lux Capital has been the lead investor in Noon since the beginning, and I am proud to serve on its Board. I saw the potential for an affordable, custom, layered lighting system right away. My home is where most of my family’s life happens; with small kids at home, there’s a new adventure almost every hour. In the same day, we could be playing board games or building castles on the carpet, reading and doing homework, creating arts and crafts, cooking, entertaining guests over dinner and drinks, and watching movies cuddled up on the sofa. Each of these activities has its own tempo and mood — and Noon’s custom lighting helps set the stage for each new experience.

The company’s design ethos is to remove complexity and humanize innovation. The result is a beautiful, efficient, easy-to-use product. The physical switches are lit with OLED screens that come alive, allowing you to find your perfect ‘scene’ without needing to fumble with a smart phone. One switch allows you to control all lights in a room. If you are an Alexa fan, Noon Home is also integrated with simple voice commands. (“Noon, set the lights for family dinner!”) Noon also learns your behavior: If you‘re away on vacation, it mimics your typical lighting behavior while you’re gone. Nobody would ever guess from the outside that you were away.

Noon Home elegantly upgrades your home without forcing you to take a course in how to be an electrician. Noon works with all kinds of light bulbs, and the team has gone to extreme lengths to make the experience with any lightbulb seamless and beautiful, without the low-level popping or flickering other dimmers often cause. Noon Home is built for easy DIY install. If that’s not your cup of tea, Noon has partnered with a nationwide installer network to get you quickly up-and-running.

Noon’s CEO, Erik Charlton, has degrees in Product Design from Stanford and Art Center College of Design, and he was previously the head of business at NEST since its founding; his co-founder and Noon’s lead designer, Will Lark, is a PhD graduate from MIT’s Media Arts & Science Lab. Other cofounders include Annie Cheung and Philip Liang — both of whom impressed me from company’s early days with their maniacal focus on consumer experience, product elegance, and technology utility.

I have seen Noon Home get developed from scratch, and I know how much care and thought has gone into every single detail: the product quality, the finish, fine details on the screen and icons, the subtle night light to guide you at night, the reliable wireless networking, long-lasting electronics, easy install process, and the features that you will continue to discover as you use your product.

Not many people go shopping for a smart home. What people want is a comfortable, beautiful, safe home where they can spend time with their loved ones without devices getting in the way. That is what Noon Home aims to do, starting with affordable layered lighting solutions. The product is available now on, and hundreds of retail locations (including Best Buy, Home Depot, and B8ta).