Mapping a Fly’s Brain, Colonizing Mars, and the Hamdog: Lux Recommends #50

By Sam Arbesman, PhD

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It Took 1700 Hours to Map a Fly’s Brain: “A team of researchers from Tokai University in Japan recently produced the first 3D model of a fruit fly’s neuronal network.”— Adam G

Elon Musk’s Mars colonization plans: what we know so far: In anticipation of his speech on this topic next week. — Sam

The Secret Lab Where Nike Invented the Power-Lacing Shoe of Our Dreams: Dream job…I mean…outside of Lux :)— Adam G

Australian man patents the Hamdog — a hotdog and burger combo: Because the world is full of never-ending “wonders.” — Adam K

The top 25 tech movies of all time: One possible list. — Lux Recommends reader Guy Perelmuter

And finally, some Spurious Correlations. — Josh


Homo Deus by Yuval Noah Harari: An early release copy has me raving about this follow-up to Sapiens. If the first book was about our underappreciated unique ability as animals to conjure fictions and get each other to believe them and coordinate around them, this is about the underappreciated dominion we have over ending plagues, famines, war and seeking to pursue immortality, happiness and powers of creation that borders on divinity. This is an incredible follow-up book that distinguishes ethics (which we make up and say what ought to be) from facts (of what is) and the role of science and religion (defined in a clear way), and has you putting the book down every few pages to stare out the window ensconced in thought, appreciating history (or the stories we believe we believe) and the many possible paths to futures we may imagine and make. — Josh


Drone AgricultureAdam G

This is how Mimosa Pudica leaves fold up after being touched through a process called thigmonasty” (another video here) — Adam K


Flybrix: “Build your own drones using LEGO bricks” — Adam K

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