Neurogastronomy, Punctuation, and Robot Pianos: Lux Recommends #19

By Sam Arbesman

Welcome to Lux Recommends #19, the newest edition of what we at Lux are reading and thinking about.


Does Amazon’s Data Speak For Itself? Paul Ford looks at a massive dataset scraped from Amazon’s website, in order to find any semblance of insight within it. — Sam

Can Heston Blumenthal Transform How You Eat? On neurogastronomy: “It will be an advanced use of the technology that will ultimately trickle down into the standard food product” — Adam G

Reagan and Gorbachev Agreed To Pause The Cold War In Case Of An Alien Invasion: “Gorbachev revealed that Reagan asked him point-blank if they could set aside their differences in case the world was invaded by aliens.” — Jesse O

The Secret To Moonshot? Killing Our Projects: The Google X projects that haven’t made the cut. Reminds me a bit of the advice for writers to “Murder your darlings.” — Sam

Punctuation In Novels: Some fun visualizations the punctuation in different novels, allowing you to see the difference in various novelists’ styles. — Sam

Visions Of The Future: NASA’s retro travel posters for the solar system. — Sam

How Meditation Changes The Brain And Body: “This month, however, a study published in Biological Psychiatry brings scientific thoroughness to mindfulness meditation and for the first time shows that, unlike a placebo, it can change the brains of ordinary people and potentially improve their health.” — Adam K

World’s Most Advanced Robot Piano Can Play Any Song You Ask: “Not only is the £9,000 piano built to look like a traditional mini grand, the keys move as if a concert pianist was playing.”— Adam K

The Wonderful Weirdness of the World

The total value of sunken treasure worldwide is estimated to be $60 billion.

Must-Watch: “If: 1) you’ve got a lake with not-so-thick ice on it, and 2) there’s a steady wind blowing toward the shore, you get this cool ice-stacking effect on the shore.”

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