Olympic Records, Dog Name Frequencies, and a Chicken Nugget Tweet: Lux Recommends #80

By Sam Arbesman, PhD

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‘Lighting as a Service’ Offers New Business Model, Growth Opportunity: “LaaS is defined broadly as the third-party management of lighting systems, which may include additional technical, maintenance, financial, or other services. These offerings can begin with the design and installation of a lighting system, continue through maintenance and management, and even include the recycling or disposal of equipment at the end of its life.” — Bilal

The Michael Milken Project: “How did a 70­-year-­old ex­-con barred for life from Wall Street become one of its most respected men?” — Adam K

Why Most Olympic Records Are Broken in the Afternoon: Your Body’s Best Time For Everything — Adam K

And, finally, Chicken Nugget Tweet Beats Ellen DeGeneres’ Oscar Selfie to Become Most Retweeted of All Time — Adam K


The Fuzzy and the Techie by Scott Hartley: my friend Scott Hartley shines great light into why cognitive diversity matters in tech, now more than ever: “we need both context and code, data literacy and data science. And as machines take on more routine tasks within our jobs, we need deep-thinking humans in addition to deep-learning AI.”— Renata

Altered Carbon by Richard K. Morgan: trashy hard-boiled detective novel that takes place centuries in the future, where death needn’t be permanent and minds can be uploaded into new bodies. Fun and ridiculous, but interspersed with some thought-provoking examinations of consciousness, personhood, extreme longevity, and more. — Sam

Online Toys

NYC Dog Name Frequency VisualizationZack


SIGGRAPH 2017 trailer: some amazing visuals here — Sam

A conversation with Amazon’s founder and chief executive officer, Jeff Bezos (recommended by Buffett)— Bilal

Blindingly fast data entry — Sam

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