Statement From Lux Capital

This was shared with journalists and our firm partners shortly after the Executive Order.

Our business is a people business and our people are ambitious immigrants. Our team is comprised of immigrants and sons and daughters of immigrants: Iranian, Pakistani, Kashmiri, Australian, Polish, Russian, Irish, Italian, Dominican, Muslims, Christians, Catholics, Jews, and Atheists. A map of our entrepreneurs leaves almost no country unpinned.

We are all people who fled worse pasts to invent and invest in better futures — solving cancer, Alzheimer’s, infectious disease, creating vaccines, helping elderly, inventing new transportation and computing power. We stand with all our brothers and sisters and we will vigorously resist and overcome. We utterly denounce vile, exclusionary, ahistorical, small-minded, fear-based, malicious hate-filled ideology.

Every American in history was once an outsider until they were stitched into a tapestry of shared, common values. We welcome anyone with positivity and a future focus!

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