Bex Bostjan
Jan 3, 2018 · 3 min read


The name “Luxcess” consists of two words, “Luxury” and “Success” that very well describe our team’s goals. The word “Luxury”, on the one hand, represents abundance, quality, luxury, and surplus, but, on the other hand, the word “Success” stands for success as a crucial characteristic. When these two words are combined, we get a strong combination that indicates the direction in which the story and the people who stand behind it will go. The word “Group” was added to this coinage, representing community, connection, and team.

It all began in the year 2013 when we traded our own nancial means and invested them in shares, gold, silver and currencies. In the first half of the year 2014, we started connecting people with the same thinking and interests. In that period, we realised that two heads are better than one, since each person sees things differently and from their own perspective. Thus, we started working as a real team, which allowed for qualitative analyses and trading multiple things at the same time. Soon after that, we noticed a distinct result improvement.

When we did research about the Forex market, we were attracted to the expression cryptocurrency, and we started researching in this direction, too. When in the year 2015 we found out that the idea of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology was excellent and promising, we turned to this eld even more. As our extended analysis indicated the room for positive results, we decided to add cryptocurrencies to our portfolio. This was one of the reasons that in the 2016 we enlarged our team and established the Luxcess Group.

The Luxcess Group is a young team that consists of 25 traders, experts, analysts and external collaborators who have more than six years’ experience of working on the Forex market, Crypto trading, start-up investments, and precious metal trading (gold and silver). The team that established Luxcess Group was united by the passion for trading, investments and achieving good business results.

Until today, the Luxcess team has been providing and taking care of its own means and those of some private clients, achieving enviable results. Those results have been achieved by means of a system that combines diversi ed investment portfolio, fast responsiveness to change and innovation, experienced traders, external advisers and excellent teamwork.

Due to these results and a growing interest, the Luxcess team came to a turning point. We, the founders, have decided to step forward, give the opportunity to the general public and give people a chance to have a safe and better future. We have decided to become the frst investment trust that would allow not only for a fast, simple and safe investment, but would also give you an opportunity to become a part of this excellent story and the Luxcess Group family. Since we succeeded as a team, we believe that the key to success is being integrated as a whole. We believe that each member of the group will aid in their own, as well as in other members’ success.

Luxcess Group

Luxcess group is investment platform which connects worlds best traders & managers with investors. We are making a bridge between CRYPTO and FIAT world!

→Investor| forex trader| Trading coach & | Speaker| Founder & CEO at Luxcess Group

Luxcess group is investment platform which connects worlds best traders & managers with investors. We are making a bridge between CRYPTO and FIAT world!

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