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Jan 10, 2020 · 2 min read
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Happy 2020 everyone! We hope our community has had an amazing holiday and we’re very excited to share our first development update of the year highlighting some of the topics our community is most looking forward too: Luxgate and RX2.

Our community has done an amazing job with testing Luxgate, providing us with useful information and several bugs to fix, for that we are very grateful. These bugs and improvements need to be tackled before launch to provide our community with a high quality and secure product. So what have we done in these last few weeks:


  • Added dashboard information
  • BTC, ETH, Lux latest price movement
  • Connected coins
  • Active & completed orders
  • Latest transactions
  • Added coin control to LUX wallet
  • Added Auto-Fill orders with 1 click
  • Added “About” section
  • Update wallet section with explorer height & luxgate height


  • Fixed issue where orders are stuck when restarting Luxgate
  • Unit test now logs to console instead of file
  • Fixed wrong internal copying of order object
  • Remove verbose logs in serialization routine
  • Fixed issue where Luxgate would crash due to failed asserts in SQL operations
  • Fixed calculation of utxos amount for sell orders
  • Avoid potential bugs with non-english locales in error messages
  • Fix calculation of amount for UXTO to be locked
  • Decompose generic rpc client
  • Unlock coins when an order gets canceled
  • Remove debug macros
  • UTXO locking implemented
  • UTXO locking prototype: PoC is done
  • UTXOs locking prototype for more stable swaps (WIP)
  • Added failing serialisation tests which avoids crashing on startup
  • Fixed several warnings
  • Disabled false negative utxo checks


We’ve all been eagerly waiting for RX2, and we have to admit this has already taken us far too long. Innovation takes time, and when you’re going down a path nobody dared to go before you may find yourself struggling along the way with nobody around to help. We at Luxcore do not shy away from challenges like these and we’re very happy to let our community know that we’re finalizing the final steps for RX2. So what’s next? Over the next few weeks RX2 will be thoroughly tested on our testnet and if no issues arise during the testing phase we will soon inform our community about the fork block height.


Finally, please feel free to leave us your feedback, as we always welcome it!

-The Luxcore Team



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