Luxcore Proof-of-Stake Web Wallet Update

Nov 7, 2019 · 2 min read
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In April of 2018 we launched the first Proof-of-Stake web wallet that not only allowed users to safely store and manage their LUX, but also provided 24/7 staking. This was launched as a free service to LUX holders, but it has been an ongoing expense to Luxcore. To continue providing 24/7 staking to the thousands of users who utilize the service, we will need to begin charging a nominal fee to cover expenses. We wish we could keep the service free forever (as originally intended), but the popularity and usage causes a large recurring expense to us and puts a strain on the users if we do not constantly add new servers.

Beginning on December 7, 2019, the Proof-of-Stake web wallet will become a paid service with a monthly fee of $1.5 USD. The payment will be automatically deducted at the first of each month (LUX payment will be calculated based on the USD price at the time).

Switching to a paid service model will allow us to increase performance and enable us to continue development to make the wallet even better. We will be able to devote some development resources to improving the UX and other upgrades we would like to implement.

To that end, we will also add a Feedback button where users are encouraged to submit feedback on any aspect of the wallet or to report any issues they have.

We at Luxcore believe our community deserves the best products. These changes will ensure that we can deliver on that as we strive to increase user experience and better focus our resources.

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Please feel free to leave us your feedback as we always welcome it!

- The Luxcore Team



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